Easy Xfinity internet & Self-installation & Activation Guide

Maybe you want to, or already bought an Xfinity Internet, and have ordered for the Xfinity self-install kit to set up your home Internet. There are no worries as this article comes with a detailed guide on the Xfinity internet installation process to easily set up your home network. However, you can as well book … Read more

How to watch ESPN plus on TV & without cable

ESPN Plus is a popular sports streaming service known for showing various live sports, documentaries, and original programs. You can watch ESPN plus on the app, channels on cable, and via an online portal. With a series of live sports programs shown on the ESPN plus app, it’s considered to be among the best sports … Read more

How To Stream CBS All Access – Cost To Watch TV Shows

You must have heard about CBS all access app if “why women kill” is in the list of your favorite tv shows. Other exciting tv-shows on this streaming platform include star trek, the good fight, interrogation, no activity, and much more exciting tv programs. On CBS all access app, you’ll watch live news, sports, and … Read more

Which is better: cable vs satellite TV & streaming service

Depending on your lifestyle, a quality tv experience is always a preference for any movie fan. However, watching television at home now does not necessarily require a Cable or Satellite TV. The introduction of streaming services has changed the course. Streaming services like Netflix has gained more subscribers than most cable and satellite TV has … Read more

fairest streaming services to watch live & on-demand videos

Maybe you are looking for an alternative to cable tv or you just want to change the viewing experience. Here we got you covered as I’ll bring out the list of streaming services in the US that could be just what you’ve been searching for. However, if you’re going through this list for some free … Read more

How to install a TV tuner to a car in a few steps.

Car TV system after installation with view of the front of the vehicle

Gone are the days when we rely only on radios, DVDs and CDs, thankfully, we install a TV tuner in a car now to watch TV shows. As a driver, sometimes you find yourself in a long queue that might take some time to free up. At this point, you’ll need to keep your kids … Read more

How to setup & Watch live TV in Your Car Free

Maybe you are trapped on-road heading home, and it’s time for your favorite live tv show. It could be a big football match coming up. Or you went shoping with your kid’s and it’s time for their favorite stories on cartoon network yet, you are still on the way. Now you will be looking for … Read more


Live Football streaming service

Have you been searching for the best football streaming service and the to followw up all competitions, events, and other sports activities?. Here is a detailed guide to walk you through smartphone apps and online portals to stream live football and other sports matches with no buffering. But first, a strong connection is required to … Read more

How to fix Vizio smart TV problems – step by step

Vizio smart tv problems

Maybe your home television is faulty or you are researching for a TV to buy, now you wish to know the best TV brand or model to suit your home. If you choose to buy vizio tv, its necessary to know common vizio smart tv problems before placing an order. Vizio smart tv tends to … Read more

Hulu subscription plans and Live TV packages

Hulu subscription plans Hulu basic with ads— $5.99 Access to the streaming library. Hulu (no ads) — $11.99Access to the on-demand contents, without ads. Hulu + Live TV — $54.99Access to the streaming contents and 60+ live TV channels with ads. Hulu + Live TV (no ads) — $60.99Access to the streaming library and 60+ live TV channels without … Read more

How To Setup DirecTV Now App On Roku & Stream Channels

Directv now app on roku

DirecTV now app is available on select Roku models and supports nearly every Roku device models (now AT&T TV App ). To access this service, download the DirecTV Now app on a Roku device and login or sign up for the service if you are a new customer. Just like every other TV app, installing … Read more

How to block Ads when streaming on hulu; ad blockers for hulu

Hulu ad blocker

With the Hulu streaming service, you will be able to watch your favorite shows and on-demand movies anytime, anywhere. As a famous streaming service in the United States, it keeps to standard, offering high-quality content to its users. At times, ads will become an impediment. Therefore, we’ll focus on how to set up a Hulu … Read more

Steps to fix hulu App not working on Apple & Samsung TV

Just like other streaming services, Hulu offers various live T.V channels. With it’s flexible subscription, you can watch live TV shows, sports and movies. However, there exist some errors users face daily for instance Hulu app not working on Apple Tv and Samsung TV. And with feedbacks and comments, we have decided to guide you … Read more

How to fix Netflix not working on ROKU TV when streaming

Netflix not working on Roku streaming stick

Maybe you are at your leisure time and wants to ease your self by watching some problems. On turning-on, you experience Roku connection problem when connecting to server. Or Netflix not working on Roku TV when you wants to stream on the Roku player. However, this is not a reason for concern as I’ll walk … Read more

How To Record Programs On Spectrum DVR

Spectrum DVR box

If you newly purchase a spectrum DVR box, yet unable to record shows on spectrum TV for playback later. In this post, we’ll discuss how to set up and use your DVR box to watch movies and TV shows later. To begin with, you must have connected your DVR box to TV, and also set … Read more

How to unsubscribe netflix account on phone & TV

unsubscribe Netflix account

For a reason or the other, you wish to unsubscribe Netflix account or perhaps canceling after the free trial. In fact, some Netflix problems we experience today might push you towards canceling your account. However, you can easily pause your account and rectify issues you have maybe with the streaming or payment method. This article … Read more

How To Set-up & Connect Verizon Fios Cable Box To TV

You purchased a new model Verizon Fios set-top box or simply wants to connect Verizon FiOS cable box to TV. Fortunately, you are in the right place. I’ll walk you through the FiOS TV setup steps to start enjoying your favorite live TV shows, documentaries and sports. However, this guide can be used for all … Read more

How To Set up Roku Streaming Stick & hook up to TV

Starting your day with an amazing viewing experience probably will brighten your mood. To this end, it’s appropriate to choose the most convenient method to chill out while in bed. Choosing the best streaming service will bring to your doorstep everything you can wish for. With the easy setup of roku streaming stick even without … Read more

How to Run Xfinity speed test & boost internet speed

A good Xfinity internet speed is always determined by a stable wifi connection. Running Xfinity Wifi speed test is necessary to check the upload and download speed at a particular time. However, a Slow connection may prevent you from streaming your favorite TV shows and movies from Netflix, prime, hulu and others. Although, lots of … Read more

How to fix weak or no signal on your xfinity TV box

If your Xfinity TV displays weak or no signal message on your TV screen, it means the TV is not receiving signal from your TV box. It can be caused by not turning off after use, not appropriately connected to the TV, or setting your TV to the wrong input.  Also, service outage could be … Read more

How To set up Up Xfinity cable Box &program remote.

Self-installing should be simpler if carefully followed the guide to hook up xfinity cable box and internet with splitter or by other means. The Xfinity self-installtion kit will be right infront of you, but in the contrary, you can easily request one through the agent near you. On the kit you will have; Xfinity TV … Read more


Tv channel listing

Exhausted with home chores or office activities?. Wants some TV guide listing today to find TV shows or movies to cheer up with. Well, if you are yet to have some channels on your favorite list, you can easily read up “how to add tv channels to favorite list in any Tv and streaming services” … Read more

How to set-up & watch Netflix on dish receiver without internet

Maybe you are using Netflix on your mobile phone and also pays monthly for satellite TV packages, what overspending!. You should take advantage of this step-by-step guide to watch Netflix on the dish receiver without internet connection or extra device. Using Netflix on the dish network can go along way to cut costs used in … Read more

How To Set Up Apple TV Box, Remote & Fix Apple Tv Problems

Maybe you are have been hearing about the trending free shows and plus movies on Apple TV plus, and now wants to know what is an Apple TV box and how to set up for newbies. An Apple TV box is a streaming media player and microconsole built by Apple Inc. The set-top streamer is … Read more

How to install Spectrum TV App on Fire Stick

As we all know, there are lots of devices compatible with spectrum tv app. You can easily install your TV app on these devices to have access to multiple channels. For instance, installing spectrum app on fire stick will enable you have access to charter TV channels anywhere. The spectrum app is installed on these … Read more

Amazon fire TV stick – How to setup, pair remote & WIFI , fix no signal

Amazon fire TV stick is a streaming media player that is been plugged into a TV to have access to selections of streaming video channels. It is plugged to the TV’s HDMI port with an easy setup using the fires stick remote. The Amazon fire TV stick can be used on both smart TV and … Read more

How to easily setup Netflix on Amazon fire stick, Verizon fios, Xfinity & spectrum

Netflix on Amazon firestick

While it may be true that satellite TV is still dominating the entertainment and TV industry even when there are couple of streaming services making way to the market. Nevertheless, it’s now more like division of labor as satellite TV are still hugely in-charge of live TV shows and programs. While streaming services are taking … Read more

How To Download Netflix Movies To Watch Offline

Maybe you are looking for what to watch on Netflix and discover an interesting movie. Suddenly, something came up and you are now left with the option to download the Netflix movies to your computer so you can watch offline. Now, you are here because you want to know how to download Netflix movies to … Read more

How To Set-up Netflix App & watch Netflix Movies On TV

This is How to cast Netflix movies from phone to tv

How To Setup Netflix Party Extension On Chrome Browser

Netflix party extension

Netflix Party extension is installed on google chrome to enable you watch Netflix together remotely with friends in a far distance. The extension harmonizes playback between individuals who are connected, it adds a conversation window for interaction between those watching a specific movie. Also, it gets anyone who’s watching to play and pause the video, … Read more

Dstv service centre addresses, contacts & self-service options

This is a compiled list of Dstv service centre for subscribers in Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja) also Dstv south Africa head office. If you have any complaint you can visit any service centre near you. However, below are some addresses of Dstv address in Abuja Address: 3 Kaura Namoda Street Area 3 Garki, Legion House, … Read more

How to find satellite position to aim for Directv & dish network setup

Directv Satellite Dish mast

Satellite networks has been a performing way of getting a TV signal through satellite antenna and dish. The satellite dish are offered by various providers and it’s connected to their satellites, receiving high-quality digital signals that offer a variety of channels and movies. However, if you are residing in areas that do not have cable … Read more

Puzzle Games Are Good For Brain Improvement – This Is Why

Free online puzzle games

Are you exhausted with regular office and home tasks and looking for any free online puzzle game to reset your brain. I got bored with home chores, power shut-downs, solving minor and significant problems at home also. There’s always a way out; I used jigsaw puzzles to get my self out of boredom. Free online … Read more

Tips for buying reliable coaxial Cable cord for satellite TV connection

Buy coaxial cable

The cable TV coaxial cable can be just as essential as the antenna. Buying the best cable will surely bring out the best performance of any satellite TV connection. If you want to buy coaxial cord, there are considerable points to note. Buy a good coxial cable to experience best connection when using the right … Read more

A-Z Dish Network Receiver Problems Solved (signal strength – not working)

Dish network signal strength

Poor dish network Signal strength causes low-quality TV viewing experiences. Sometimes, it result to a no picture situation. Therefore, when you are experiencing signal problems, what steps do you take to increase the signal strength on DISH NETWORK? You boost it by correctly aligning your satellite dish and LNB. Also, ensure proper connection of F-connectors … Read more

How To Check And Increase DIRECTV Signal Strength And Quality

Directv Satellite Dish mast

Low DIRECTV signal quality causes a Poor TV viewing experience. Do you know that you can program DirecTV satellite dish easily? – the DirecTV comes with a built-in meter that can be used to check signal strength and quality. Although, it can be used to test for acceptable DIRECTV signal strength but shouldn’t replace the … Read more

Step By Step How To Fix LNB On A Satellite Dish

Satellite Dish LNB

Are you having a reception problem with your satellite dish and after check, you discover that it’s a faulty satellite dish LNB. What does LNB mean on satellite dish – LNB is the receiving “device” that is mounted on the satellite dish. It collects radio waves from a satellite dish and converts them to a … Read more

Easy Steps To Run DStv Installation Wizard Yourself

DStv installation wizard

I’ve seen lots of comments from forums and MultiChoice social media platforms. Recently, most questions are on how to run the DStv installation wizard, especially step 4 of 5. With information gathered so far, step 4 of 5 is the most searched about. Thereby making us to understand that it get stuck on step 4. … Read more

How To Cast Amazon Prime Video From Iphone To Tv

Cast Amazon prime video from iPhone to TV.

A Chromecast can be used to cast Amazon prime video from iPhone to TV and enjoy your TV without a cable box. There are lots of ways to do this, but here, well discuss how you can use a Chromecast to stream Amazon Prime from your iPhone, and also, cast movies and shows straight to … Read more

Detailed Explanation Of All 3 Lights Flashing On Dstv Decoder & fixes

Orange light on DSTV decoder

Are you experiencing your DSTV decoder flashing red, orange and green lights and is searching to know the meaning of each light flashing. All 3 lights flashing on DSTV decoder means something, from notifications, messages and error. Also a DSTV signal problems on certain channels could result to blinking of lights in a decoder. Here, … Read more

How to fix dstv not scanning & decoder not booting up or working Properly

If you’re using DStv decoder, you must have faced a challenge that will lead you to scanning and rescanning of your decoder. Also, you may experience DStv decoder not powering up when attempting to fix it. Or, a delay in booting and when it finally boots, an error could be faced trying to access the … Read more

How To Delete Credit Card From Amazon – Amazon Store Card Payment

Amazon store card

For one reason or the other, payment method is been changed to a more desirable one or removed entirely from online stores. Sometimes, Amazon problem with payment method could result to a change from one to another. Here well walk your through processes involved to delete credit card from Amazon. To remove credit card from … Read more

How To Cancel Amazon Order On The Way

How to cancel Amazon order on app

Maybe for some reasons you wish to cancel an order you made on Amazon before and after shipping or items on the way. Returning orders are easier if your order shipped directly from Amazon using ‘Your Orders’.  Cancelling an order on Amazon can easily be done on app or using a web browser on a … Read more

How to track & Cancel Amazon Order Easily

Track Amazon order

Did you place an order on Amazon? And wants to know the delivery progress, tracking your order to know if it has reached the destination is necessary. However, it’s simple to track an Amazon order, regardless of the products’ Prime eligibility. Also, you can easily cancel an Amazon order on the way following the step … Read more

Easy Guide On how To Track A Satellite Dish & Frequencies

Satellite Dish

Do you want to track a satellite TV frequency? this article is for you. I’ll walk you through a detailed guide on  how to manually track a satellite dish and connect it with a decoder. In this post, I’ll use Strong decoder and MBC on frequency w3a as example. In the same vein, let’s go … Read more

How To Add Spectrum Tv App To Samsung Smart Tv & Fire Tv Stick

Spectrum tv app

After fixing your new Samsung smart TV and done with mountain and setup, next is to find the best option of TV services to use on it. Cable TV services is characterized by its high cost and various signal issues mostly when there is weather change. In this post I’ll walk you through how to … Read more

How To Check Itunes Gift Card Balance Online Without Redeeming It

May be you have an iTunes gift card and don’t know the balance and wishes to check it first before redeeming it. Or you found a lost gift card and wants to send it as a gift but not sure what the balance is. however you have to know the balance of a gift card … Read more

Quick Way To Recover Lost Amazon Gift Card Today

Stolen Amazon gift card

If you misplaced your Amazon gift card with receipt, we’ll be of help with this article. Although, its not certain if you will see who redeemed a gift card but yet, some steps are available to give a try if you really want to get back a lost Amazon gift card. How to check if … Read more

4 Ways To Get US Amazon Gift Cards – Free & Paid

Get Amazon gift card

When you have no clue on what to give for birthday or Christmas, and then, what comes to your mind is to send amazon gift card. This could be the best presents option as it will enable the receiver to select shop desired item. Get Amazon gift card online and get free, two day-shipping for … Read more

Detailed Guide To Spectrum Tv Essentials – Tv App

Spectrum TV Essentials

In the world of cable TV, charter spectrum has been making a huge success in the industry. Despite the competition which is essential for advancement on technology and improvement of services. Rebranding have been one of their secret. While still enjoying high-speed internet service from Charter Spectrum™, they are here again with another entertaining package … Read more

Full Details Of Metro Digital Channels And Subscription

Metro digital TV channels and package

Here’s a complete guide on Metro Digital TV Nigeria channels and subscription. I’ll walk you through the simple steps to renew your subscription package via online payment solution with no extra charges. But before that, we’ll see full details of all metro digital TV packages including, channels and prices. Easy Guide For Starsat Satellite Dish … Read more

Easy Guide For Starsat Satellite Dish Installation Using Strong Decoder

StarSat dish installation

StarSat satellite dish installation is easy and simple unlike many other pay TV services. I will show you easy StarSat dish installation using the Strong decoder. Using the step by step guide here, you won’t be asking for satellite dish installation cost as you will be able to do it your self. Strong Decoder is … Read more

Setting Up Online Bill Pay: All You Need To Know

Electronic bill payment is a service that enables you to set up an online payment option for bills. Transactions are simplified as It can be made via online bill pay directly from banks or service providers without a third party. Various financial institutions offers online bill pay service to simplify and make easier to organize … Read more

How To Upgrade To Gotv Max & Other Packages Easily

Upgrade GOtv plus to GOtv max

Gotv has various packages for its subscribers. These packages comes with different number of channels. Also, these GOTV package prices are also different as they are not equal in terms of service. Package upgrade is always done to improve the experience and to suit your desired package. How To Recharge Gotv Subscription Packages From Banks … Read more

Easy Guide To Install Ovhd On DStv & other satellite dish

Openview installation

OpenView HD is a South African free satellite television service. Its packages features over 18 HD channels. OVHD comes with Entertainment channels which includes channels for movies, music, lifestyle, culture, learning and religion. You can install OVHD on DSTV dish and watch free TV without any charges or contract in south Africa. Getting Openview HD … Read more

Choosing Verizon Fios Or Spectrum, Here’s A Detailed Comparison

spectrum internet

After going through internet and cable services rendered by Verizon Fios and Spectrum. we’ve compared their TV plans, reliability, bundles, internet speeds. We have arrived to a conclusion that  both spectrum and Verizon FiOS are best for you depending on your internet and TV needs. Spectrum is a top telecom service provider in the united States which … Read more

Easy Guide To Fix Verizon Fios Internet Outage

Verizon FiOS internet outage

If you are experiencing issues with Verizon cable or having Verizon fios internet outage lately and want a fix, this article is for you. Getting the Wi-Fi problems fixed your self should be the best option to avoid time waste and also save some cash. Using resources targeted for other home or office duties to … Read more

Gotv Self Service & Office Address In Nigeria Cities

GOTV address

GOtv service was brought to Nigeria on October 11, 2011, at Ibadan, Oyo State which is the root of television broadcasting in Africa. It is the most used pay TV service in Nigeria. Gotv has different offices in Nigeria. Some of these cities are, Lagos, Enugu, Ibadan, calabar, Abeokuta, warrior, Benin City, Owerri, Akwa Ibom … Read more

Steps To Check If Spectrum Internet Is Down In Your Area & fixes

Using mobile app to check service outage

Are you digging to find out why your are having poor connection? Are you searching online to know why is spectrum internet down or may be there is something else delaying your connection. Also, your streaming service is not working and you have a show to catch, I’ll walk you through this detailed guide to … Read more

Tips On Starting Dstv, Startimes & Gotv Subscription Business In Nigeria

Opening StarTimes, DStv and GOtv subscription business is another way to make a huge amount of money in one day in Nigeria. This is a very nice idea of earning extra cash while doing your usual business. Its simple and not a stressful business as you don’t need much to start. All that is required … Read more

How To Use Satellite Finder Meter For Directv

How to split DirecTV signal to two TVs

When installing DirecTV satellite dish, there are done tools used to test signal reception. In directv, a satellite finder meter is used when searching for direction to face for optimal reception. Therefore, a satellite finder meter is a device used in positioning the satellite dish to receive maximum signal. It is easy to use and … Read more

How To Use Startimes On App: link smartcard to mobile App

Download StarTimes app

If you want to have the best experience using your StarTimes decoder, you should consider the use of StarTimes app. The use of StarTimes on app can be said to have made it more easier and simple when managing  your StarTimes TV schedule and other activities. Here, I’ll show you all you need and how … Read more

How To Connect Multiple Tvs To One Directv Receiver.

How to split DirecTV signal to two TVs

In this post I’ll walk you through steps to connect multiple TVs to one DirecTV receiver and experience the best from this top satellite TV provider. Also, we’ll discuss in details steps to reset DirecTV box at ease. However, DirecTV box gives you easy access to watch your favorite satellite TV channels via a dish … Read more

Easy Fixes For Sky Box Not Getting Signal & won’t turn on

Sky box no signal

Let’s assume you are enjoying your favourite TV program and suddenly experience the sky box not getting signal. Now you must be searching online for quick fixes for your sky satellite TV. Here I’ll walk you through all possible ways to easily fix sky TV no signal problem. Most people took our comment box to … Read more

What To Do When Tv Says No Signal But Cable Box Is On

HDMI ports

If you are enjoying your favourite show on any satellite dish be it StarTimes TV, directv dish network and others. Suddenly you receive an error in your screen. After a check, you discovered that TV says no signal but cable box is o and working properly. However, having cable box no signal could be as … Read more

How To Determine Location to point DStv satellite Dish

Dstv satellite dish

Dish pointing  To avoid Dstv satellite dish no signal problem, you’ll have to find out the proper direction to point your dish. You should try using compass and inclinometer while aligning your satellite dish. To correctly point your DStv satellite dish, you will need to find out the azimut, elevation and LNB polarization/skew values. Azimuth … Read more

Most suitable rf connector for TV antenna installation

SMA connector

May be you bought a dish or an antenna and now start the installation process, when its time to connect your satellite TV receiver, you get confused on how to connect your antenna or dish to your receiver. Here’s where rf cable connector comes in. Rf connector is an electrical connector used to transmit signal … Read more

Easy guide to connect DStv decoder to multiple TVs- extra view

How to connect dstv decoder to multiple TVs

May be you are using DStv decoder in your home or office, and its connected to only one TV may be in the sitting room or waiting room and you decided to connect dstv decoder to multiple TVs in different rooms or offices to have en extra view. Dstv extra view could be seen as … Read more

How To Fix Signal Strength On Dstv: 100% signal settings

Dstv satellite dish signal problems

Have you ever been in a position that you are watching your favorite TV show and suddenly your DStv displays a no signal message. You don’t have to stress your self as I have listed out why you are having connection issues and how to fix DStv satellite dish signal problem or low signal strength … Read more

Frequencies & Positions Of Free To Air Satellite Tv Channels

Free to air satellite TV channels receivable in Nigeria

Free to air channels (FTA) simply means those TV channels that you can watch without paying for any subscription. Setting up FTA channels are as easy as any decoder installation. Although, there are specific frequencies and positions of free to air channels receivable in Nigeria. But after going through this step by step guide, you … Read more

Does Amazon ship to Nigeria? Shipping from USA to Nigeria

Amazon shipping to Nigeria

Several online stores are available to us for our online shopping needs. One of the most popular online stores is Amazon which provides a variety of products at affordable prices to customers. Amazon is a massive store that offers everything from cleaning products to video games to books to electronics, clothing to food, and everything … Read more

How To Transfer Money From Amazon To Bank Account Easily

If you are reading this now, it means that you must be looking for how to transfer money from Amazon to bank account. I will walk you through the steps involved. However, you can purchase and transfer Amazon gift card balance to bank account without any hassle. Amazon made it easy to send money from … Read more

Check Verizon Internet Plans In Your Area

Verizon wireless internet plan

Unquestionably, Verizon is a leader in wireless communications, having made as hug as $110 billion investment in network infrastructure, spectrum purchases as well as acquisitions of Alltel, MCI, AOL and Yahoo. Moreover,  been known for its mobile phone service with 4G and 5G network coverage provides throughout the U.S., Verizon however, provides TV and Internet … Read more

Cheap Wireless Internet Service Providers in United States

Hello everyone, if you’re reading this then you must be looking for internet accessibility. However I have simplified the search for the best internet service provider (ISP) for your home, area or business. Using your ZIP code, you can view best wireless internet service providers available in your area. I’m sure you will find best … Read more

YouTube TV channels, cost, devices supported

Youtube TV

In this article, i will show you all the YouTube TV channels, and everything else you need to know about YouTube streaming service. However, if you log into YouTube, you’ll see a notification asking you to sign up for YouTube TV account. I know you are wondering what exactly is YouTube TV? Here’s a all … Read more

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV: Samsung TV & Sony smart TV

Amazon Prime Video is the main global rival to Netflix Plenty of ways to watch it on the big screen Amazon streaming video is the main global rival to Netflix also a good alternative, however it offers TV shows and movies to watch using any internet-connected device. Amazon invests fortunes in original TV content, having … Read more

10 best movies to watch on Netflix: movies to watch this month

Here is my pick of some excellent award-winning, genre-changing, thought-provoking movies streaming right now on Netflix. May be because of the recent lockdown as a result of covid19 or you are stuck indoors and searching for some good movie to watch? There are lots of movies to watch on Netflix. However, there are even secret … Read more

How to setup MYTV, subscription payment & frequency

In this article, am going to walk you through mytv Satellite, Position, Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate, how to install MYTV. When setting up MyTV Smart you have to point your dish to Eutelsat 16A at 16e as the satellite using transponder/frequency 12525 H 30000 with minimum of 60cm dish upward. To get free-to-air channels … Read more

How To Watch Tv On Sky Box Without Subscription

Sky box no signal

Do you want to cut cord? Or you want to watch TV on sky box without subscription for some reasons. This detailed guide will show you how to do it yourself. Having various choices of selection of entertainment, movie and sports channels to choose from, this should be the reason why Sky TV is so … Read more

How to setup & Fix Spectrum Cable Box Issues

Spectrum TV without a cable box

If you have the Spectrum self-install kit handy and want to set up a spectrum cable box yourself, here’s a step by step spectrum self install guide to hook up your cable box.  Step 1. Connect the Spectrum Receiver To get the most desired picture quality, you should hook up your spectrum receiver to the … Read more


Startimes decoder

Although, after installing your StarTimes decoder, there isn’t any other task difficult when using Startimes. However some people still finds some DIY so difficult, one of them is to reset Startimes decoder after payment. Also, Startimes decoder reset helps to fix a lot of technical and signal problems in your decoder.  How to Make Payment for … Read more

How To Fix Sirius Xm Radio Reception & Signal Problems

Bad wiring

May be You’re driving around enjoying Sirius XM in the car. And sudden you experience an issue with reception. And within a short period of time, it goes away quickly. The following day, you have a similar problem with reception in exactly the same spot. Whenever you get there, you lose signal on your radio. … Read more

5 Fixes To Try when Sirius xm Radio Antenna Keeps Loosing Signal

When you are bored at home and what’s to listen to your radio. Now, you experience issues of your Sirius XM radio keeps loosing signal. Don’t worry, this is what to do when you are bored at home. Fix it!! We are here to solve it with you! We’ll walk you through how to troubleshoot … Read more

How To Install A Satellite Dish For Dstv, Mytv, Dish Tv, Dish tv.

In this post, i decided to come up with a step-by-step DIY guide for installing or setting up a satellite dish & decoder for DSTV, MyTV, Multi TV , Dish TV & etcetera by following after a simple tut. After receiving lots of complaints, I decided to make up a guide like this to help … Read more

Best ways to watch Arabic channels in us

Dish TV balance

If you want to watch Arabic programs in the USA, Canada, checkout this options for watching Arabic channels (also, Arabic channels receiver without dish) in the US. In this post I’m writing about what each provider offers, and the best choice to choose. Do it your self; Your Sky Digital Box Has No Signal DISH TV … Read more


This article is for anyone who is interested on setting up spectrum cable box. Therefore, if you are installing installing a Spectrum Receiver, follow this step by step guide below. How To Fix Spectrum Tv No Signal On Channels Step 1: Connect the Spectrum Receiver To get the most desired picture quality, you should connect … Read more

Do it your self; Your Sky Digital Box Has No Signal

Sky box no signal

Have you ever been in position where you rushed home from work to watch your favorite TV show just to discover that your Sky box has no satellite signal and you won’t be able to watch your favorite TV program?. How To Fix Spectrum Tv No Signal On Channels Although, if you are sky box … Read more

What To Do When No Signal On Tv Spectrum

Spectrum TV without a cable box

Maybe you are enjoying your favourite TV program, and suddenly you notice your spectrum TV has no signal and start looking for a fix. You are in the right place as I’ll walk you through all possible troubleshooting to do when TV say know signal on spectrum. First thing to do when your spectrum tv … Read more

How To Use A Multimeter To measure Antenna Signal Strength

How to use multimeter

Every antenna receives radio signals which is transmitted through a conductive wire to the gadget by generating a small electrical impulse. However, you can use electrical multimeter to test signal traveling down an antenna and to the receiving device. Thus, any error in this electrical circuit can cause the signal to be interrupted. How to boost … Read more

How to boost Cable TV Signal Strength

Dish TV balance

A poor cable TV signal always signify that there is an error or wrong wiring. If you are having a poor signal strength on cable TV, you must not require the services of a repairer as you can do it your self.  However, if after trying to fix the problem and the issue persists, you … Read more

How to get a Sling TV 7 days free trial; step by step

How to get sling TV 7 days free trial

Do you want to reduce cost?, but don’t want to drop live TV? A Sling TV 7 days free trial should be exactly what you are looking for. This company has provided a way to try out the service for 7 days at no cost. Although, Sling TV already has a new deal running now, … Read more

How To Fix Mobile Network Not Available On Android

Gotv offices in Nigeria

network connectivity issues such as “mobile network not available on android” or any other “mobile network error” when making use of your mobile phones. For this reason,

What To Do When Dish Tv Says No Signal On Tv

Sky box not turning on

Dish TV Self Help –  Go through this step by step guide to what to do when your dish tv says no signal. Also to perform Dish TV troubleshooting if you experience any Dish TV error. GET DISH TV Firstly, you can get Dish tv connection by filling your personal information and address where you … Read more

How to Reset DStv & fix Dstv channels not showing

How to activate DSTV subscription after payment

Dstv Nigeria is a satellite cable TV owned Multichoice. Lots of people use this Digital Satellite Television in Nigeria due to the many channels it offers. All services are made simple as they have offered a DStv self service and a reliable customer care service. In this post I will show you in detail how … Read more

How to Make Payment for Your StarTimes Subscription

StarTimes payment

It is no longer news how cable TVs in Nigeria has made it very easy for their customers to pay for their services at ease. Paying for StarTimes subscription plan has become very easy and enabling subscribers to get their cables Tv subscription done. Using only your mobile phone in 2020. How To Fix Errors In … Read more

How to fix GoTV Decoder Showing Red, Yellow/Orange or Green Light

How to recharge GOtv

When a Gotv decoder indicator lights starts blinking, it means there is an issue or a notification which requires the subscribers attention. Most subscribers do not notice or are not aware of the meaning on the Gotv blinking indicators lights. But nothing to worry about as this post will explain explain in details how to … Read more

How To Fix Errors In Startimes Tv- Smartcard & Others

StarTimes payment

Although StarTimes made available a good services at a cheaper rate, there are bound to be faults; therefore it is necessary, StarTimes TV user to know which issues you will face and how to fix them. The problem you may face may not necessarily need the services of a technician only to go through some … Read more

How To fix Dish Tv No Signal

Sky box not turning on

Hello guys, Today I’m gonna teach you how to fix dish TV no signal, Some time you may be experiencing small freezing in pictures or no or bad signal. You can fix it yourself to save the money supposed to pay for satellite tv installer or a professional. Moreover, irrespective of the satellite tv package … Read more

How to Watch GOtv free on Mobile Phone

How to recharge GOtv

Its no longer a news that GOtv is taking over the market gradually, it is now the best alternative to DStv. This multichoice product is well known for showing interesting programmes and most especially programmes that engage subscribers. Similar to DStv that you can install its App and watch all programme and shows on your … Read more

How To Pay att Phone Bill At Ease(at&t)

How to pay att bill using cell phone Using myAT&T app 1 or mobile site Proceed to Make payment in your myAT&T account. Provide payment details and follow the prompts to finish up your payment. NOTE: You can also make att payment by calling their automated system and following the voice prompts. You won’t have to bother … Read more

Easy GOtv Activation After Payment

Easy Gotv activation

GOtv is a multichoice product and a popular TV network in Nigeria. It is one of the most used TV network in Nigeria, Kenya, and south Africa. Although using GOtv self service is as easy as making a coffee, while this may be true, Subscribers complain about the difficulty in reaching GOTV customer care. If … Read more

Top 10 Best TV Stations In Nigeria not miss miss

Top television stations in Nigeria

Nigeria has gone to be one of the leading countries in media market. Its presence in the market is recognized in the world. After the digitalization of television, a lot of channels has been added unlike when its just AIT, CHANNELS and NTA. With no doubt, Nigeria television channels are growing and thus can compete … Read more

How To Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming

How to check Amazon gift card balance without redeeming

Can I check an amazon gift card balance without redeeming it? One of the major advantages of shopping on Amazon.com is the fact that the site has so many features that make both a buyer’s and a seller’s experience easy and very simple. An instance of such a feature of the global e-commerce website is … Read more

How to Hard Reset Your DISH Network Receiver

Dish network Installation guide

Performing a hard reset can fix most audio/video, signal loss issues, hard drive and remote problems you may have with your DISH Network receiver. However this is the first step to take if you are looking for how to troubleshoot your DISH TV receiver. Above all, a hard reset is easy to perform and can … Read more

Maintenance Services Rendered By Enecon

ENECON is a recognized maintenance service in the United States, as well as in over 65 countries, in the multi-billion dollar repair and maintenance industry. Their high-tech products aids maintenance service in almost every aspect and solve problems as well as fix plant life extension issues. Enecon products are produced in the U.S. from raw … Read more

How To Use Gotv Guide: Gotv TV guide

Easy Gotv activation

Gotv is a pay TV which is committed to bringing family entertainment to every doorstep. Gotv is owned by Multichoice Nigeria, Owners of another popular pay TV platform called DSTV. The difference between Gotv and DSTV is that DSTV is a satellite based technology while Gotv provides its service with DVB-T2, a technological terrestrial broadcast. … Read more

How to check data usage on an iPhone or iPad

How to check data usage on iPhone

Have you run into a situation that got you worrying about how much data you’re using on your iPhone and your other iOS device?. Are you looking for how to check data usage on iPhone?. This post is for you! Here’s the good news. I’ll walk you through steps how to check data usage on … Read more

Uses Of GOtv IUC Number: All You Need To Know

GOtv owned and managed by MultiChoice Group, is one of the most popular and most affordable Pay TV services in Africa. Like DStv (also operated by MultiChoice), GOtv makes use of a set-top decoder to broadcast digital channels to customers. All GOtv Decoders have a unique identifier number known as IUC number. IUC Number is not … Read more

How To Connect Android Phone To DStv decoder & prijector

How to Connect dstv decoder to Android phone

Connecting DSTV decoder to your Android smartphone, is good example of how to connect phone to TV wirelessly. After connecting your android phone to  DSTV , you would be able to keep up with your favorite TV show or events, without being glued to your TV. All thanks to advanced technology, the DSTV Now platform … Read more

10 Ways To Speed Up Windows 10 Laptop Performance

How to speed up Windows 10 laptop performance

If you discover that your HP laptop performance has slowed down, there are a some usual suspects who are always responsible including bloatware, temporary files and less powerful hardware. There is nothing to fear as we have provided simple ways you can speed up Windows 10 laptop performance at no cost. How to reset laptop … Read more


How to activate DSTV subscription after payment

Most times we want to do some certain things by our selves. Yes, its a wonderful thing to give a try. Do you want to be a cable TV installer? Or you just want to install DStv decoder and dish setup? In this article, I will walk through steps to install DStv dish with no … Read more