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How to Make Payment for Your StarTimes Subscription

StarTimes subscription plan

It is no longer news how cable TVs in Nigeria has made it very easy for their customers to pay for their services at ease. Paying for StarTimes subscription plan has become very easy and enabling subscribers to get their cables Tv subscription done. Using only your mobile phone in 2020. How To Fix Errors In Startimes Tv- Smartcard & Others

However, you can renew your startimes subscription plan using bank short codes, StarTimes mobile applications, QuickTeller, ATM, and even via Jumia.

In this post I will walk you through all StarTimes payment method and how to to activate StarTimes after payment with no hassle. Below is all bouquet and packages(daily, weekly, monthly) How To Make Hand Sanitiser At Home In 6 Steps

Startimes Bouquets or Packages

Althoughl startimes already have a wide range of subscription package options for all their decoders both the one that use antenna, and those that uses dish.

Likewise, each of these bouquets has daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions plan. I will show you all StarTimes packages, plan, merchant codes, USSD subscription codes and their prices in Nigeria. How To Pay For Startimes Subscription With Phone

In the same way, StarTimes has made their tv subscription more affordable by introducing the options of daily and weekly subscription different from the popular monthly subscription plan.

Moreover,  the main different between the StarTimes antenna and dish is that antenna decoder users have access to basic, classic and unique bouquet, while for dish users, there is the super and smart packages.

StarTimes payment

Daily subscription price, Merchant Codes & Subscription USSD Code

However, the StarTimes daily subscription is the first on our list as it is the cheapest available plan. Although, it will last only for a day (24 hours).

StarTimes Nova (daily)

Subscription Price: 60 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617928.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617928*60#.

StarTimes Basic (daily)

Subscription price: 90 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617931.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617931*90#.

StarTimes Smart (daily)

Subscription Price: 120 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617934.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617934*120#.

StarTimes Classic (daily)

Subscription Price: 180 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617937.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617937*180#.

StarTimes Unique (daily)

Subscription price: 240 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617940.

Subscription subscription Code: *322*1*240617940*240#.

StarTimes Super (daily)

Subscription price: 240 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617943.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617943*240#.

StarTimes Weekly subscription Prices, Codes & USSD Code

These subscription plan is valid for only 7 days (one week), and after that you will have to renew your subscription.

StarTimes Nova (weekly)

Subscription price: 300 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617929.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617929*300#.

StarTimes Basic (weekly)

Subscription price: 450 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617932.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617932*45

StarTimes Smart (weekly)

Subscription price : 600 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617935.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617935*600#.

StarTimes Classic (weekly)

Subscription price: 900 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscriptionCode: 240617938.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617938*900#.

StarTimes Unique (weekly)

Subscription price: 1,300 Naira.

Merchant/ATM Subscription Code: 240617941.

Subscription chat Code: *322*1*240617941*1300#.

StarTimes Super (weekly)

Subscription price: 1,200 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617944.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617944*1200#.

StarTimes Monthly subscription Plans & Prices, Merchant Codes & USSD Code

This is the usual plan for all StarTimes Nigeria bouquet. This is a monthly subscription plan and it lasts for a period of 30 days. In this one, you can make StarTimes payment before or after it has expired.

StarTimes Nova (monthly)

Subscription price: 900 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617930.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617930*900#.

StarTimes Basic (monthly)

Subscription price: 1,300 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617933.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617933*1300#.

StarTimes Smart (monthly)

Subscription price: 1,900 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617936.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617936*1900#.

StarTimes Classic (monthly)

Subscription price: 2,600 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617939.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617939*2600#.

StarTimes Unique (monthly)

Subscription price: 3,800 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617942.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617942*3800#.

StarTimes Super (monthly)

Subscribe price: 3,800 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617945.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617945*3800#.

How to Pay for StarTimes Subscription Using Quickteller Website

Also subscription renewal can be done on StarTimes Nigeria via the quickteller website, ussd, and mobile app.

Before you proceed to make StarTimes payment, ensure that your decoder is active and on.

Proceed to StarTimes payment page on the quickteller website using mobile phone or PC.

Choose the subscription plan you want to pay for from the list of options in the drop down menu.

Provide your smartcard number, email address and registered mobile number.

Press on the continue button.

Now, you will be automatically redirected to a payment page.

Choose your preferred debit card type ( Master, Visa, or Verve) and then type in your card details.

Hit the Pay option to finish up your payment transaction.

After that, check your subscription status and see if the transaction was successful and plan renewed. Have in mind that this StarTimes payment method will attract a fee of 100 naira by Quickteller.

How To Pay For StarTimes Using The Quickteller App

If you don’t have the quickteller mobile app yet, proceed to your android or Iphone app store and search for the quickteller application. Install only quickteller by interswitch limited as there lot of others available.

To pay StarTimes subscription plan using the QuickTeller mobile app, follow these steps.

  • Open your quickteller mobile app.
  • Tap on the Categories tab.
  • Select Pay bills.
  • Choose cable TV bills from the listed options.
  • And then proceed to StarTimes payments and choose the subscription plan you wish to pay for.

Type in your smartcard number and proceed. The price and your email address will be auto-filled as you type.

Provide your debit card details and select on the pay option to complete the subscription .

After performing the transaction successfully, you will start enjoying your Startimes viewing in a few minutes. Also have it in mind that QuickTeller will charge you 100 Naira for this transaction.

How to pay for Startimes subscription Using ATM

This method of StarTimes payment is simple but not commonly used, although it works perfectly. You can renew your startimes subscription via an ATM following these procedures;

Go to the nearest ATM (Any bank at all). Slot in your Atm card, type in your card PIN Number and select your account type (Savings, current or credit).

Look for the Quickteller option on the ATM menu screen and select it. Tap on Pay Bills. Select Others, type in the merchant code of the startimes Nigeria bouquet you wish to subscribe for (check merchant codes above) and then Press Proceed.

Input your decoder smartcard number when customer reference is requested e.g 05xxxxxxxxx and click Proceed.

Carefully follow the on-screen step by step guide to complete your payment.

Family watching StarTimes TV after subscription

How to Pay Startimes subscription Using USSD Code on your mobile devices

You can renew your StarTimes Nigeria subscription via interswitch ussd code based payment option. You can do this by using any registered mobile phone number associated with your bank account.

To make StarTimes payment using ussd code dial the code *322*1*subscription code*amount# on your mobile device. (Check above for the code for each bouquet plans).

Of course this USSD option works for all Nigerian mobile networks (Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile), it can equally work on Verve, mastercard and VISA of every bank supported by the interswitch network.

How to Renew Startimes Packages with Gtbank 737 Mobile short code

To pay or renew your startimes subscription using gtbank’s *737# mobile short code, dial *737*37* Subscription Amount*SmartCard Number# on any mobile phone with the phone number linked with your gtbank account.

The amount space should carry the price of the subscription plan you want to pay for. The Smartcard number is your unique 12 digit number found on your startimes card.

Finish up the transaction using the last four (4) digit of your gtbank Naira card or 4 digit 737 PIN.

Although, other ways of paying StarTimes subscription package are available but the above listed are the easiest, more reliable and stress free. Top 10 Best TV Stations In Nigeria not miss miss

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