How To Check Your Phone Number on MTN, Etisalat, Glo & Airtel

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How to check phone mobile number: If you have more than one mobile phone number or you newly purchased a new line it may take some time to have the number off head.

Imaging the feeling when you are asked for your phone number and you cannot call it out and all you can think of doing is calling that person to even see your number display on that persons screen. But what if your balance is insufficient to call?

This article will bring relief to you as it contains some USSD codes you can easily dial to retrieve your phone number on MTN, Etisalat, Airtel or Glo.

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Code to Check Your MTN Phone Number

Let’s start with the most popular network in Nigeria with the most subscribers.
To check your phone number on Mtn, you can dial *123# and then follow the prompt. Choose option 1 and send to select My Tools Option. Then choose option 5 in My Tools to request your Number.

Code to Check Your Etisalat Phone Number


Etisalat has one of the simplest way to check your phone number with your phone, simply dial *248# and you number would be displayed instantly on the screen.

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Code to Check Your Glo Phone Number

Glo Nigeria

Checking Glo number is also as easy as that of Etisalat. All you will have to do is to dial *135*8# and your number would appear on the screen.

Code to Check Your Airtel Phone Number

Airtel Nigeria

To check your Airtel mobile number, dial *121# and follow the on-screen.

Select 1, and send for My Account option.
On the next prompt, select 1 and send as My Number option and your number would be displayed on the screen.

I hope this article about How To Check Your Phone Number on MTN, Etisalat, Glo & Airtel will really guide you when you want to check your mobile number in any of the stated networks.

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