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How To Resolve Wrong Gotv Payment.

Gotv payment

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This is my 3rd year of using GOtv decoder and I have not encountered any GOtv error or issues until some days ago when I mistakenly made GOtv payment to a wrong IUC number. Now the payment has been done successfully to the wrong account. Now am looking for how to get a refund for the wrong or how to transfer GOtv subscription from the wrong account to my account. It was hard on me as I know fully well that GOtv customer representatives do not respond to call and neither do they reply emails. Multichoice Introduces New Gotv And Dstv PackagesPackages

How I resolved wrong GOtv subscription payment to another account

My first hope was to utilize the two channels provided by to resolve issues that comes with using GOtv decoder and antenna installation. Yet this could not help to rectify the wrong GOtv payment to a wrong account.

I decided to go to GOtv Facebook Fanpage where on daily basis a large number of gotv users flood there to lay complain on one errors or other. I posted my complaint in using the comment box and I did received a lot of reply that helped but actually many where same old story. If you have a similar GOtv payment issues, you can also do the same, but don’t put all your hopes. GOTV Nigeria: Customer Care, Self Service, Channels

I wanted to visit Gotv head office but the the head office is at kagis island which is very far from where am residing. I decided to visit another Gotv office in Lagos and when I got there I saw a lot of users that came for same purpose with me. With what I experienced I concluded that it’s rare to visit their office without resolving your complaint.

I explained how I made a mistake while paying for my GOtv subscription payment to the customer care representative I met. After verifying and confirmed that i really made the payment, they collected my IUC number and some other Gotv log in details and resolved my issue instantly. how to activate GOtv decoder in two simple ways

When you have any issue with your GOtv payment or other issues, try to visit any gotv office close to you. You will surely get a lasting solution for any issue you might experience from their service.

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12 thoughts on “How To Resolve Wrong Gotv Payment.”

  1. ugochi edeani says:

    I made a payment to wrong IUC
    wrong IUC: 7031857256
    correct IUC: 7031837256

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Contact gotv customer care or visit any nearest gotv office close to you

  2. ugochi edeani says:

    payment to wrong IUC

    1. ugochi edeani says:


    2. Frenzy valentine says:

      Wrong gotv payment can easily be fixed, just visit any gotv office near you

  3. Fasasi Ismail says:

    Evening,I have subscribed bit my decoder has not credited,don’t know what happened at all.Pls help make solution

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Reset your GOTV decoder. In wrote about how to reset gotv decoder in this blog

  4. Emmanuel says:

    Wrong pin 20207334114 instead of 2020734114,, don’t knows how to solve it

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Contact GOTV customer care for immediate correction

  5. Akintunde says:

    I subscribed on go tv on Thursday, through my account, andi was debited with sum of 1350# but I’m unable to view channel,.

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Reset your GOTV and it will work fine

  6. Akintunde says:

    I subscribed on go tv on Thursday, through my account, andi was debited with sum of 1350# but I’m unable to view channel, this is my iuc no, 7034831475…….. Even have contacted my bank and they said the transaction was successful

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