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21 thoughts on “Easy tips to recover lost GOtv channels”

  1. Eric says:

    Hi please am having issues with my gotv decoder some channel are missing and I have rescan even reset it but all the same

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Turn it off and on again.. If the issue continues after rescanning then contact GOTV customer care

  2. David Udoh says:

    Please i need urgent attention, my gotv show (invalid channel number), is only 10 channels is currently working. Have repositioned the attener, but it still the same..
    What can i do?

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Unplug your decoder and plug it again. Scan for channels. Ensure your decoder is facing the transmitter position

      1. Siyanbade Folasade says:

        My gotv is showing need to scan channels and have remote there is signal but is not working. Don’t know what to do

        1. Frenzy valentine says:

          Check if the rf port is well connected… You may need to tear off the end that connects to the antenna

  3. deborah says:

    Please i dont i kw wat is wrong i subscribe for 1900 i i dont wat is wrong there is missing channel i reset it is not wroking

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      You can get your GOTV lost channels back by either resetting your decoder… Also try and pay for your subscription before it expires ..that will stop your Channels from disappearing

  4. Cynaider Naserian says:

    Hi some of the channel are missing from yesterday have restarted but still not working

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Reset the decoder to get your Channels back

  5. Becky says:

    I didnt get all my channels in gotv plus…like citizen, maisha magic, k24, Africa magic epic…kindly assist I’ve been texting you fb but you ignoring me

  6. Becky says:

    My iuc no.4623026907 please check at your end

  7. Andrew says:

    Hi I have a problem with my decoder where by my favorate local channel’s like channel 44 in Uganda are not showing and o have restarted it it only bringing few channels my no is 2017726507

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Reset your decoder

  8. Janefrancis says:

    Pls am having problem with my gotv… I have reset it but some channels are missing… Only 31 is showing…

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Hello JaneFrancis, thanks for reaching out to us. To get your full channels back, rescan for channels. Ensure that you turn off antenna power

  9. Faith says:

    Hi pls am having issues with my gotv decoder, All the channels are not showing ,am having only 31channels and my scription have not to expire, the signal strength is 70/100 . what should I do..plz

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Restart your decoder and also check if the antenna power is turned on. Turn it off if its turned on and then rescan

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  12. Stellah says:

    Hi…i have problems with my decoder…i have paid the subscription fee…but after three months…and during that period some channels got lost…after paying only 3 channels show and the rest still habe error codes and some are lost…what could be the problem?

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Hello Stella, always pay for your GOTV subscription before due date to avoid disconnection which could result to missing channels when you finally pay. Reset your decoder to get back your full channels

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