How To Jump A Car And Get A Dead Battery Working Again

It could be that you left the radio playing all through the night unknowingly. Now, getting the car to come up has become an issue, just what it should be. I’m most cases your car battery could run down as a result of leaving your lights on, and now it won’t power. Your next option … Read more

How To check a Car Battery System using a Multimeter

How to test car battery with a multimeter

Are you facing issues with your car battery? Did it make that awful sound when you ignited it? It could be that nothing happened at all when you turned it on. Here’s how to check a car battery with a multimeter to get accurate reading. Calculating a Car battery volts Generally, car batteries are expected … Read more

How To fix whirlpool fridge Leaking water- Samsung & LG

May be while at home or in the office, suddenly water started dropping on the ground and you started to look for the source. Surprisingly, you discover that its water leaking in the fridge even when it has a water filter. This article comes with an easy guide to repair whirlpool fridge leaking water from … Read more

How To Fix Sirius Xm Radio Reception & Signal Problems

Bad wiring

May be You’re driving around enjoying Sirius XM in the car. And sudden you experience an issue with reception. And within a short period of time, it goes away quickly. The following day, you have a similar problem with reception in exactly the same spot. Whenever you get there, you lose signal on your radio. … Read more

5 Fixes To Try when Sirius xm Radio Antenna Keeps Loosing Signal

When you are bored at home and what’s to listen to your radio. Now, you experience issues of your Sirius XM radio keeps loosing signal. Don’t worry, this is what to do when you are bored at home. Fix it!! We are here to solve it with you! We’ll walk you through how to troubleshoot … Read more

How to get a Sling TV 7 days free trial; step by step

How to get sling TV 7 days free trial

Do you want to reduce cost?, but don’t want to drop live TV? A Sling TV 7 days free trial should be exactly what you are looking for. This company has provided a way to try out the service for 7 days at no cost. Although, Sling TV already has a new deal running now, … Read more

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