How to install a TV tuner to a car in a few steps.

Gone are the days when we rely only on radios, DVDs and CDs, thankfully, we install a TV tuner in a car now to watch TV shows. As a driver, sometimes you find yourself in a long queue that might take some time to free up. At this point, you’ll need to keep your kids or passengers entertained. You may have been searching for a car TV installation near me to start getting live TV services right on your vehicle.

Car tv installation
Car TV system after installation with view of the front of the vehicle

Although, there’re other ways to get live TV in a car which could be cheaper than the cost of TV installation. However, Installing a TV tuner can allow access to digital TV signals in a car that would fascinate your passengers, keep the car alive, and enhance your driving. Here are step by step process to install TV tuner in a car.

How to install a tv tuner to a car

Get a tv tuner kit – Get a tuner Kit with all the required materials for installation. To have n easy connection, purchase the same kit brand as the installed monitor system in your car.

unplug the battery – unplug the car battery by removing the cord from the negative terminal. This is a precaution to avoid hazards.

Place the TV tuner – now, find the safest place to place the tuner. It’s recommended to place it in a position where it will not be moved easily and also, where it won’t get in touch with water. You can safely keep it under the front passenger’s seat, although every tv tuner kit manual comes with its recommendation.

Install the TV tuner – so after placing the tuner in the appropriate position, that position, carefully install the TV tuner and secure it so it can’t change positions.

Power the TV tuner – connect the TV tuner to a power source so it can use the car’s 12-volt power to work. You can connect a device to a vehicle’s power supply on the auxiliary power fuse found in the fuse block. So, gently connect a cable and run it back to the TV tuner

Fix the IR receiver – fix the IR receiver in an open and secure location. The IR receiver is responsible for picking up signals. So, place it on the dashboard to have an optimum signal. After that, run and connect the receiver cable to the tuner unit.

Connect the tuner to the monitor – connect the AV wires to the existing monitor by taking advantage of the color codes to connect the wires to the appropriate inputs.

Test your connection – After all connections, plug back the negative battery cable previously disconnected from the battery terminal. Turn on the Tv tuner and monitor to see if your car tv installation is successful.

Finally, after a successful installation review your connections and see if they are all well secured. Now you can enjoy selections of live tv in your car. Thanks for reading.

How to setup & Watch live TV in Your Car Free

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