Have you been searching for the best football streaming service and the to followw up all competitions, events, and other sports activities?. Here is a detailed guide to walk you through smartphone apps and online portals to stream live football and other sports matches with no buffering.

But first, a strong connection is required to avoid buffering when streaming an important event. Having a pay-tv alternative is necessary as you can easily stream from the office or while en-route to business conference. So what’s your excuse for missing out from your favorite live events as this article will come with all you need to know.

Therefore, in this post, I’ll share with you the best football streaming sites and apps to live stream football matches and other sports. Some of these streaming platforms are free while others are paid although, just a few bucks and you start streaming. Here are top sites to stream live football matches and other sports from the comfort of your home or office.


ESPN has been around for decades. It’s a well-known soccer streaming service that covers both football and other sports events. So, if you looking for the best platform to watch live football games, ESPN NOW could be just what you want.

With lots of quality channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN Classic which are readily available. You can get the app on all platforms, be it on the web, Android, iOS and windows.

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UKTVnow – Mobile TV

This is also known for its reliability when it’s comes to Sunday night football streaming. With no doubt, UKTVnow – Mobile TV is regarded as a perfect streaming service when you are not just interested in watching live football games but also documentaries and other Live tv shows.

Using this streaming app will give you access to various tv channels like documentaries, movies, kids’ channels, football, and other sports channels. Although it’s only available for the Android platform yet, works perfectly for every event.

Moko Live Sport

If you are sports lover, you could have heard of Moko Live Sport. It is one of the best apps to watch football live matches online. Although, it had some issues with buffering and now it’s at a minimum. It has an easy-to-use platform and with top European football league games including the English Premier League, La Liga and a spot for world cup matches.

Mobdro app

Mobdro is a top best streaming app for Android, PC, iPhone and other platforms that enables you to stream live TV shows, movies, football matches. You can install it by searching on the internet. This is because it’s not available on play store.

With Mobdro premium, you will stream all videos in HD video ranging from 720p, 1080p to standard definition quality. Although the free version also has quality. This platform could be just exactly what you want.

GBP Sports

Next is the GBP Sports app. With this app you can stream your favorite football match from anywhere. It’s available only on Android platform. Using this app, you can stream various live events as it provides super clear video content for your matches.

All the streaming channels accessible in this app, are quite reliable and of high quality. There are several channels to watch most live matches on this platform.

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