How To Fix Tv Antenna & Tv Signal Good But Quality Poor

Are you having unnecessary issues accessing channels or have you noticed that your TV signal good but quality poor, Is your sound quality distorted and not as it was before? You probably have signal problems and need to improve your satellite signal quality.

How To Install Mytv dish On Strong satellite


How to install mytv dish on strong satellite decoder is very easy and as simple as cooking a noodle on a gas cylinder. All you are required to do is to make available required materials will be listed below.

These are required materials to install MYTV on STRONG decoder

  1. Reflector (dish)
  2. Lnbf (this is the one located in
  3. front of the dish
  4. Nails,
  5. Coaxial cables,
  6. Decoder,
  7.  spannerring or flat,
  8. Hammer,
  9. Cellotape (black one),
  10. Plier,
  11. Screwdriver,
  12. Sharp knife,
  13. F connectors,
  14. Back to back connector (incase it comes to joining a cable together but it is not advisable to do so)The above listed are the basic materials needed to setup mytv on strong decoder. Most of these items come along with the decoder and also can commonly be found in any decoder shop in Nigeria or online.

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Step by step how to fix gotv antenna

How to fix gotv antenna   This is what the GOtenna looks like straight out of the box.Buy wifi router modem cartoons watches and others on Amazon Follow here 1 Pull the cable through the middle of the antenna grid. 2 Screw the cable onto the yellow plastic box of the antenna. 3 When secured, … Read more