Tips On Starting Dstv, Startimes & Gotv Subscription Business In Nigeria

Opening StarTimes, DStv and GOtv subscription business is another way to make a huge amount of money in one day in Nigeria. This is a very nice idea of earning extra cash while doing your usual business. Its simple and not a stressful business as you don’t need much to start.

All that is required is a smart phone or laptop with access to the internet. If you have any of this device, then you a good-to-go. However, you’ll need to regularize with mobile banking or POS service.

Rendering payment services for top pay TV providers in Nigeria will probably guarantee your success in generating side income in Nigeria. Although a lot of TV subscribers now know how to pay for their services using bank USSD code or mobile banking app, but yet, there are still millions of people in Nigeria that really don’t know anything about Mobile banking, also, some really don’t have bank account. Easy Guide To Pay Dstv Subscription Online In Nigeria

So, going into subscription business is a nice idea mostly when rendering subscription payment services for StarTimes, DSTV and GOTV. In the same vein, putting more  effort in retaining old customers should be in mind.

Now, all you’ll do is to check your locality, figure out if the number of people using pay TV is at least 30 or more. This will also give you insight on which brand to choose. Here are things to know before going into the business;

Dstv, startimes and GOTV subscription business
Dstv, startimes and GOTV subscription business

How to Pay for DStv, StarTimes and GOtv subscription.

Subscription payment happens to be the simplest task as the are already many means of doing so. You can pay for TV subscription in Nigeria using Quickteller, First money, payga or GTBank Mobile App. These are not the only way to subscribe your TV but are regarded as the best. GoTV Nigeria: Subscription Payment, Customer Care, Self Service, Channels

  • Payment using Quickteller is free, if you have mastercard/visa ATM to pay for the subscription fee. Then follow below link to make payment.

DStv –
GOtv –

Using GTBank mobile app to make payment will attract a low charge. All you have to do is login to the app, scroll to the menu, tap on “other payments option”, select cable TV, choose GOtv, StarTimes or DStv, and then choose the plans you want, enter the decoder number then PAY (iuc  number for Gotv and smartcard number for DStv and StarTimes). You can always contact, GOTV, DStv and StarTimes customer care number if need arises.

Charging for services rendered to customers could be from 200 to 300 per DStv, StarTimes and Gotv subscription. This business can be a life changer if you do not let greed take over you!!. What do I mean by that? It simply means that the less greed you are, the more customers you’ll have.  how to pay for StarTimes subscription

Let me make it plain, charging ₦300 commission in a competitive environment will make you to loose customers. Charging ₦200 will attract customers, and yet, you are still making your profit as you only pay fully 100 pay for the service. This can really fetch you lots of quick money just in one day.

How to start DStv, StarTimes And Gotv subscription business in Nigeria.

This business is smart method to make money with other peoples money. This is so because you’ll pay for the services using their money, you only rendered services. However, you can do this at home but for sake of branding which will surely increase customers and bring more profit, I’ll recommend you follow below steps to kick start your business.

  1. Get an outlet in a exposed location.
  2.  Use any means of advertisement to reach audience in your locality.
  3. Operate a Whatsapp group where you’ll communicate with you customers.
  4. A Facebook page might be helpful.
  5. You can visit organizations that uses pay TV.

Customer services

Customers are always right. Have it in mind and keep a good customer relationship. This will grow your business. Also, if you have issues dealing with StarTimes payment, reach StarTimes customer care number here – 09 461 8888.

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