Do it your self; Your Sky Digital Box Has No Signal

Sky box no signal

Have you ever been in position where you rushed home from work to watch your favorite TV show just to discover that your Sky box has no satellite signal and you won’t be able to watch your favorite TV program?. How To Fix Spectrum Tv No Signal On Channels

Although, if you are sky box says no signal being received as a result of bad weather, there isn’t much to be done. Of course, there are some DIY quick fixes that can really fix your Sky Box signal when carefully carried out.
If your Sky TV has No Signal? Try this first…

Check all connections in your box and ensure they are intact. This is the most common reason when your sky box has no signal, however, it’s the quickest fix!
Also that there are no objects that you may have inadvertently placed on a cable.

If after checking and confirming that the cables are all good, follow below step by step guide to troubleshoot the problem:

Rest Transponder in Off Mode. Long press the Standby button on your Sky remote until the red light indicating ‘Off” shows on, and wait for five seconds before clicking the Sky button on your remote control.

Now, the light will change to amber showing that the digital box is in standby mode.
Also wait for another five minutes before proceeding to the next step which is to click the Sky button again. After that, the sky tv box will now defaults to the Welcome Channel (channel 998) confirming the reset and connection status. What To Do When Dish Tv Says No Signal On Tv

Check the Dish Input Connection
Although this step will disrupt any recordings that are currently running. However, saved settings and recorded programmes are intact.
Firstly, turn off your Sky Box and all devices connected at the mains and delay until the power light on the digital box has gone out before proceeding to the next step.

Unscrew the dish input cables and check for two things:
Contact a professional if the cables are removed from the metal housing or If the nozzle is broken.

The two separate cable parts should not touch each other. Keep the core and the braiding (copper or aluminum sheath) always separate. If there’s even a very slight contact, you’ll lose signal.
So, the cables are in good condition, gently push them back into their sockets and tighten the screws.

Check Signal Strength

Check Signal Strength
However, checking signal strength is the same of HD and older model Sky Boxes. Push the Services button on your remote control and then the 4 & 6 buttons. You’ll see the Signal Test Menu.
The signal strength should be at least 50% if the weather is good and about 40% if their is bad weather. On the other hand, If you’ve got no signal strength use the following steps:

1. Switch the Sky + HD box and TV to standby
2. And wait a few minutes and then switch off all connected devices and remove them from the mains
3. Disconnect and then reconnect the cables from the satellite to Dish Input 1 and Dish Input 2 at the back of your setup box.
4. Be careful not to bend the copper wire in the middle of the satellite cable and be sure to secure the connection at the back of the skybox (have in mind that if these wires are damaged or broken you’ll have to call a Sky engineer to fix them).
5. Plug in and turn on all items and check sky tv signal strength again

In the same way, if you get a message that says, No Satellite Signal is Being Received – Error 25 or Error 29 you should try resetting your digital box.
Turn off the mains and remove the Sky Box and HD or Standard recorder from the mains supply. How to Hard Reset Your DISH Network Receiver

Then wait for like half a minute and then reconnect all the items you’ve unplugged and also switch on the mains. Check to see if your signal is back. Also, If you still don’t have a signal then the fault could be in the new Sky mini dish LNB cables, standard LNB cables or coaxial cable.

Check LNB Cables
You can check the LNB cables by checking the F-Connectors for tightness; however they should be firm. Look for moisture that can damage the feeder or LNB. The LNB cable connections should be adequately water-proofed, failure.

Adequately water-proofed cable connections always have self-amalgamating tape, other kinds of tape aren’t enough for keeping moisture out from the cable box and LNB over the long term, and surely disrupt signal from the satellite dish.

Try switching the LNB Cables by swapping the cable connectors found on the back of the box.
If this shows a display, then check the F-Connector on the faulty cable at both the dish and box for a triggered by the coaxial cable outer braiding reaching the cable’s copper center.

Dish alignment
A dish can be knocked out of alignment by anything from weather to somebody putting a ladder up to clean high windows or even check the gutter. However, if the dish has been knocked out of alignment you can try to realign it yourself or call a professional to do it for you.

When you are on it, you should check the general condition of your dish. It may be badly rusted or corroded, in which case a replacement may be needed.

No satellite Signal from your Skybox yet?
The issue may be from the Sky Box itself! Try exchanging your box with your neighbour or friend living close to you and if the swapped Sky Box works normal then you know that yours has a problem, contact Sky helpline.
Quick Tips If Your Sky BoX Won’t Turn On.

Sky box no signal

Although, If your Sky digital box won’t turn on or becomes unresponsive, here are 7 troubleshooting tips that can fix the fault:

1. Reboot the Sky Box
Rebooting sky box should be the first thing to do when trying to solve technical issues. However, in the case of the Sky Box, you should switch off the plugs for the box any other connected devices. Ensure that the power light for the Sky Box is off and that all connected devices are also turn off. Then switch them all back on. Wait for 3 minutes before pushing the Sky button on your Sky remote. If green light shows on the front, it indicates that your Sky box problems have been fixed.

2. Power reset
When your Sky digital box do not respond to the remote control commands, turn off the mains of the digital box and the television. Make sure there are no lights in the digital box panel before you switch on the mains again. In the process, a red light will show up indicating that the box is in standby mode. Allow the box remain in the standby mode for about 5 minutes, after that, switch on the television and then press Sky on the remote. The digital box light should appear green and your Sky welcome channel should display. Complete M-net Tv Shows On Dstv & Gotv

3. Remote control
Also, your Sky Box won’t turn on if the batteries in your Sky remote are too weak. Replace your remote batteries to resolve the problem. In the same vein, if you have accidentally pressed the TV button on the remote, the Sky Box will however become unresponsive. Tap the Sky button on the remote to get the box to respond.

4. Software update
The digital Sky Box can also be unresponsive if it is overdue for a software update. To start the software download, remove the digital box and then push the ‘Backup’ button located at the front panel of the digital box. While still holding the backup button, plug in the digital box. And long press the button until the lights on the front panel of the digital box shows. Now you can loose the button but will have to wait for like 10 minutes while the software download goes on. After installing the software, your digital box should work perfectly.

5. LNB settings
LNB settings have a say whether or not your Sky Box can receive satellite signals, therefore, if the box is not responding, it can as a result of LNB fault. To fix this, first, check if you have the right LNB settings. Moreover, you can access your LNB settings by proceeding to your menu system (push Select on the remote) and choosing the Settings option (it’s the option to the far left, and with a spanner next to it). Choose the ‘Advanced Settings’ option; now you will be required for a PIN number (0000 for the older decoders, the first four digits of your account number for the newer models. Of course you can call Sky for help if you don’t remember it). After inserting your Pin number, select LNB setup.

6. Connectors
Confirm that the connectors at the back of the Sky Box are tightly screwed on. And make sure that there’re no stray wires around the cable connectors.

7. Panel reset
However, If the above steps do not work, try resetting the box. ( noted: This will erase all recordings in your hard drive). So therefor, to reset the digital box follow below steps:

Switch off the mains
Hold the left and right arrow buttons either side of the select button on your Sky remote. While holding the buttons, turn on the box again. Keep pressing the buttons and within 60 seconds the blue/green circle lights on the box will show up.

Release the left and right arrow buttons and double press the select button.
The blue/green circle lights will move anti-clockwise and the record/ play lights will start flashing on/off
When the lights go off, the box is rebooted.

Now, you will only see the red light on the tv box
Wait for 5 minutes before turning on the box using the remote control to see if the issue has been resolved.
Thanks for reading, I hope your sky TV box no signal problem has been solved. Use the comment section to let us know your view.

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