How to setup Sky TV box & connect sky remote to TV

Setup sky tv
Setup sky tv

Sky is a digital TV service operating in United Kingdom. Using Sky Tv, you get up to 300 TV channels. You need a satellite dish, and a special decoder box to have this wonderful experience.

On this post, we tell you how to setup sky TV be it the standard sky box or sky+ HD box. How to fix “No Satellite Signal is Being Received” Error 25, 29 in your sky TV digibox

If you newly touched your sky TV box or relocated or adjusted your Sky box. Whatever happens and you’re unable to connect it up again, first make available everything you need in setting p up sky TV and follow the below steps to set it up.

Satellite cable:
Screw the cable into ‘SAT IN LNB 1‘ on the back of your Sky box until it’s finger becomes tight.

Satellite cable
Satellite cable

HDMI cable (Preferred):
If you already have an HD-ready TV, plug in the HDMI cable into the HDMI socket on the back of your Sky box and the other end into any available HDMI port located at the back of your TV.

HDMI cable
HDMI cable

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You can also follow these steps to set-top sky TV box

AV (red, yellow & white) cable :Connect one end to the back of your box and the other end to an available AV port at the back of your TV.

AV (red, yellow & white) cable
AV (red, yellow & white) cable

Ethernet port:
If your router is near by, use an ethernet cable to connect your sky tv box to your home internet. This will give you access to the On Demand service.

Ethernet port
Ethernet port

Power cable:
Plug the power cable to any available power outlet and turn this on

Power cable
Power cable

Wait for at least a minute or two for the box to power up again

Turn your TV on and change the channel to the port name you took note of in step 2. Check your TV manual if you’re not sure of how to perform this operation. Check Dish TV Balance: How to Check My Dish TV Account Balance & Track Recharge Status

You should now have displays coming through your TV

Note: If your router is a not close to your home, connect your box using the built-in WiFi to your home internet. Here is a more detailed way to do this.

If after following this guide to set up your sky TV box (both standard box and sky+ HD box) and you are still unable to receive your pictures again or an error message is popping up, contact sky TV engineers.

How to connect sky remote to TV

Immediately you’ve found your sky TV remote version which is usually in the back of your TV or in the TV’s instruction manual. You can set up sky remote to TV after generating Sky remote TV codes.

Sky TV remote
Sky TV remote

Once you’ve got your remote codes, you can connect sky remote to TV by following below steps:

  1. Press tv on your Sky remote.
  2. Press and hold select and the red button at the same time until the red light at the top of your Sky remote deems twice.
  3. Enter one of the four-digit codes.
  4. Press select.

Your Sky remote is now connected to TV and can be able to control your TV. Test if the setup of sky remote was successful by trying to change your TV volume using the vol + and buttons on your Sky remote.

Common Sky remote TV codes

Listed below are some popular Sky remote TV codes that you might find, based on the model of your TV:

  • Amstrad: 0063
  • Bang&Olufsen: 0118
  • Daewoo: 0992
  • Hitachi: 0145
  • LG: 0206, 1206, 1293, 0851, 0857
  • Nokia: 0536
  • Panasonic: 0051
  • Phillips: 0081
  • Samsung: 0060
  • Sony: 0000

If your TV model is not, visit sky TV guide on programming your remote.

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