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How much does it cost to mount a TV?

Decorate your home, office using television mounting services. Mounting a television on the wall is not costly (I.e if you not do it your self). The major factor that determine the cost is nature of the wall you want the TV mounted on, that is

How To Check Your Phone Number on MTN, Etisalat, Glo & Airtel

How to check phone mobile number: If you have more than one mobile phone number or you newly purchased a new line it may take some time to have the number off head. Imaging the feeling when you are asked for your phone number and

How to fix fingerprint sensor not working on Android devices and iPhone

These days fingerprinting scanner is not longer something new. It is a common feature of economy class smartphones and not just a characteristics of android and iPhone. A fingerprinting sensor serves to unlock your mobile device. It protects your device and keeps it away from

iPhone 11 features vs 2018 iPhone features

On Tuesday, the mobile phones giant “Apple” launched its new three iPhones 2019: the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The iphone 11 features the powerful and newly introduced A13 Bionic processor. It also has a multiple rear cameras and a

Tips To Back Up Your Android Smartphone without rooting

Planning ahead with google backup for android has been proved to be the simplest way to make sure your data isn’t lost when your android phone get lost or stolen. The fact is that Google automatically syncs your contacts, calendar appointments, docs, and even app

7 Simple Steps To Speed Up My Android Phone

How to speed up my android phone explained in details  When it comes to mobile devices, the easily accessibility of the Android system brings out convenience and the easy to use and  customization. This one issue that seems to degrade Android devices is the increase