Simple Method To Pay For Dstv Monthly Subscription Plans

Dstv subscription payment can be made through various means of payment. In Nigeria, paying for TV plans can be done at home, or easily done in any service center near you. However, their self service option has even made it more simple as you can easily recharge your Dstv decoder with mobile phones.

Easy self service enables customers to pay for their DStv hd decoder from a far distance. Also, you don’t have to visit any multichoice office in Nigeria before making DStv subscription payment.

Pay Dstv subscription
Pay Dstv subscription

You can easily check DStv subscription online prices, list of all packages and then make payment with your mobile phone from the comfort of your home. So therefore, constant visit of pay centers will be totally ruled out after going through this step by step guide. Below are reliable means to pay for Dstv monthly subscription easily;

Pay for dstv using POS

  1. Put your card and enter card PIN. Select ‘Payarena’ option and account type.
  2. Select ‘Bills Payment‘ option and pick ‘DSTV
  3. Enter smartcard number and phone number.
  4. Enter amount to pay and press ‘Yes’ to complete the subscription process.
Dstv now
Dstv now

How to pay online for DStv service in DStv website

Of course, the first available option of paying for this satellite TV is by visiting the official website of the company to pay.

  • Firstly, proceed to DStv website.
  • Then choose the country where you reside and enter your Smart card number.
  • Click on VERIFY.
  • After this step, you should go and confirm that your payment was successful. To check the payment summary, go to VIEW BALANCE AND PAY. There you will see the exact amount you are required to pay.
  • Tap on PAY button. Once aftr you do so, you will see the Payment Subscription page with details of your account.
  • Choose eTranzact payment option and BankIT and enter bank account number.
  • After that, get a generat 6-digit password and after entering it, tap on submit.
  • Now you will have to call *389*00# with the mobile number that is connected to your Bank account and receive the OTP code.
  • Input the OTP in the appropriate space provided and tap on PAY.
  • Now, the payment feedback should display that the transaction is completed successfully.

How to pay dstv with PAGA e-Pay

Online payments method are the most used methods for so many transactions these days. PAGA e-Pay platform is another online method used to pay for your DStv hd decoder. This is a step byvstep method to PAGA Dstv Subscription ;

* First of all, you will have to go to the official page of PAGA e-Pay and sign in to your account.
* There you will view a list of online payment methods that are available in your region in your country.
* And choose Paga e-Pay and continue by following the procedure.

Pay Dstv subscription
Pay Dstv subscription

Pay with GlobalPAY

If you wish to make online payments via GlobalPAY, you can eqaully use it to pay for your DStv subscription also.
* At the starting, you will have to visit and then log in your account.

* Then you should switch to the PAY page and select GlobalPAY.
* After that, put in the information required to complete the payment. This includes your First Name and your Last Name. You should enter your Customer and Smartcard numbers, e-mail address and contact phone number.

* At this point you will be redirected to complete payment on
* After that, you will view the GlobalPAY website, and select your Card Type, fill in your Card Number and tap on “Pay” button.
* Once your payment proceses has been completed, you will have to go DStv Eazy website to view your account information.

Dstv self service
Dstv self service

PayU platform

For subscribers who make use of VISA and MasterCard cards to make some purchases, you can also use the PayU system to pay for DStv service.
– First of all, you need to visit website.
– Then, you should enter all the required information of your credit card, such as cardholder’s number, card number, CVV number, and expiry date.
– After that, the transaction will be done.

Pay with Quickteller

If you wish to make your satellite TV online payment. This method of payment is connected with the integrated billing system and is simple to use.

– To get start, you have to switch decoder’s status on your Dstv account from connected to disconnected.
– Then proceed to, sign in and choose the DStv.
– After that, you need to put in your e-mail address, mobile phone, and smartcard number.
– Ready? Click NEXT.
– input your name, as it is stated on the DStv subscription and confirm your smartcard number.

– Then you should tap PAY and select the type of debit card type you have (MasterCard, visa, Interswitch, Verve).
– put in your debit on card details – card number, expiry date and the 4-digit PIN of your card.
– The last step! After you tap on PAY, the purchase will be successfully done and you will have access to the DStv services.


Another easy method to make your DStv explora through eTranzact system. The system enables you to pay for your subscription directly from your bank account online. Also, one can make use of gadget or laptop to complete the transaction.

Pay for dstv
Pay for dstv

Eazy Money

Nowadays days, paying online for you digital tv receiver has become very simple.
– just like other payments platforms, firstly, you need to go to website.
– And fill in your mobile number and Eazy money PIN.
– After that follow the prompt to complete the payment.

How to activate DSTV subscription after payment

To activate DSTV decoder subscription in Nigeria, send “RA Smart Card Number” to 30333. For instance, if your smartcard number is 2554379546, send “RA 0123456789” to 30333.

To perform DSTV account activation in South Africa, send “RA your smartcard number “ to 33788

Dstv account activation

We  have been receiving complaints about missing channels even after payment of subscription and activation. However, there is no need to panic as it is caused by either payment of subscription when it has fully expired or not inserting your smartcard before sending command to your decoder.  So we recommend that you always pay your DSTV subscription payment before it expire to avoid missing channels.

After the Dstv account activation, you should reset your DSTV decoder in Nigeria to have all your channels back as they might delay as a result of late payment of subscription or other reasons. Therefore, this is how to reset DSTV decoder at ease. Frequencies & Positions Of Free To Air Satellite Tv Channels

how to reset dstv decoder

There are two ways to reset your DSTV decoder; via SMS & online. Before starting the test process, turn on your DSTV, have your smart card number handy and confirm your smart card is inserted properly.

To reset DSTV via SMS in South Africa, send the word “reset” followed by your smart card number to 33788. For instance, if your smart cardnumber is 3334455778, send “reset 3334455668” to 33788.

To reset via SMS in Nigeria, SMS the word “reset” smartcard number to 30333. For example; send “reset 122344555” to 30333.

How to reset DSTV decoder

Via online
To reset DSTV HD decoder online, Go to, select your country and log in to your account using either your surname or mobile number and your smartcard number. And then proceed to fix errors.

Click on the fix errors and scroll to the “E16” error options. Continue with the captcha verification and after that click on the “fix error” and your decoder will reset and unscramble the channels.

How to check DSTV balance through SMS

To check DSTV account balance through SMS, follow bellow guide;

  1. Proceed to message on your phone and tap on  create new message.
  2. Type BAL and then the first 10 digits of your DSTV smart card number. For example, type “BAL 1234567890”
  3. Send the message to 30333.
  4. A reply containing your DSTV  account balance will be sent to you.

If you want to check your subscription due date, send “DD” to 30333. How To Fix Signal Strength On Dstv – Step By Step

How to check DSTV account balance via DSTV MOBILE APP

If you want to check your DSTV balance in Nigeria, follow the instructions below;

  • Download and install the DStv app on your device.
  • Launch the app and select your country.
  • Log in with your surname or mobile number along with your smartcard number.
  • After a successful login, you will view you DStv details including account balance and due date.

How to check DSTV balance online

To check your DSTV balance online go to Go to the DStv website , log in to your account using your name and smartcard number. After logging in to your account, you will see full details of your account including you balance and subscription due date.

Note: always pay for DSTV subscription before it expires to avoid disconnection. Also missing channels on DSTV could be caused by disconnection so avoid it by making early payment.

Dstv customer care contact


This is a compiled DSTV address for users and customers residing in Lagos or Abuja, if you have any complaint you can visit any of their office address listed below or you can contact them.

  • Dstv address in Abuja Address: 3 Kaura Namoda Street Area 3 Garki, Legion House, Abuja.
  • Multichoice Nigeria Center Number: 2347291/2.
  • DSTV Abuja Office contact number: 2347295.
  • Dstv Nigeria Lagos Address: Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria Island, Lagos State.
  • Multichoice Nigeria Call Center Number: 1 270 3232 or 080 3900 3788.
  • Lagos Office Fax Line: 01 270 3256.


These are DSTV Contact numbers in Nigeria. Dstv Airtel contact– 07080630333, Dstv Etisalat contact– 09090630333, Dstv MTN contact – 08149860333, Dstv Glo number– 08113630333.


If there is no DSTV office in your area or where you are living is not close to the office address or you don’t want to call them with your mobile number, then you can actually reach them by sending mail via email address. Below is DSTV email address that you can use to contact them;


Its possible to contact DSTV  through social media. You can do so by using Facebook, Twitter, and official Website address.


We made DSTV Self Service the last on the list because its something you can actually do on your own without seeking assistance from anybody; using this this service, you can easily pay and manage your DStv Subscription and obtain DStv Nigeria Products all by yourself.

You can also fix any error codes encountered, all this can be done from the comfort of your home with the help of Dstv Nigeria self-service.

Dstv Self Service Official site link:

This is all we have to discuss about DSTV Nigeria Customer care, following this step by step guides above you can contact DSTV offline and Online. So have seen all you need to know on DSTV Customer Care Number Nigeria (2019 Complete List).

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