How To Fix Errors In Startimes Tv- Smartcard & Others

Although StarTimes made available a good services at a cheaper rate, there are bound to be faults; therefore it is necessary, StarTimes TV user to know which issues you will face and how to fix them. The problem you may face may not necessarily need the services of a technician only to go through some few steps. how to pay for StarTimes subscription via mobile phone

Common StarTimes issues and how to fix them

The following are the most occurring issues you face when using StarTimes TV and their fixes.

No Signal

To fix StarTimes signal, ensure your indoor antenna is well fixed and placed. Move it around your TV SET till you get maximum signal, and also if the problem persist, an outdoor antenna could be the solution. Provide an outdoor are required to get an outdoor antenna (Yagi Antenna preferably).

Getting a “Smart Card Error”?? That means that your smart card is not inserted or it is inserted wrongly. Please insert the smart card in the decoder with the golden chip facing down and follow the arrow. Should the
problem still persist, please feel free to
contact us via our hotline number 0719 077 077 for assistance.

is your Decoder Showing Smart Card Error . When you are inserting your Smartcard into the Decoder, make sure the Golden Chip is the first into the Decoder and it should be facing down, if this continuous clean the Golden chip gently and put it back into the Decoder. If this error persists Bring the Decoder to any of our outlets for repair free of Charge. Startimes customer care contact.

No service

1. Adjust your Antenna till you get signal.
2. Embark on automatic search by clicking on “Menu” button on your remote control, scroll to “System Settings” and press OK. In the list displayed, scroll to “Automatic Search” and use the right arrow key to navigate to the YES and NO option. Select YES and press OK.

No access/not subscribed

This simply means your subscription has expired. Kindly recharge by using any of the following methods:
1. Buy recharge card from BHs or Dealers and follow the instructions on how to recharge at the back of the recharge.
2. Through Mobile Money account (StanbicIBTCMobileMoney(*909#), and Pocket Moni, MTN (coming soon)
3. Quick Teller websites and ATM
4. Bank Recharge.

Smart Card Not Paired or Wrong Pairing

This is when a smartcard is mismatched or wrongly paired with another decoder. You should visit the nearest business hall.

Decoder fails to power

You can check whether the power plug of the decoder is correctly inserted into the AC 220V power jack –and whether the switch of the decoder switches on.

No Audio / No Video

1.Check whether the antenna is correctly connected to the decoder.
2.Check the audio and video cables of the gateway and TV, it must be video out – video in, audio out – audio in).
3. Ensure that the TV is in the AV mode. For TVs with more than one (1) AV setting, please select the right AV setting using the correct port on the machine (TV) and the same selection on the remote control.
4. If (a), (b) and (c) are fine, then suspect the AV cables in use. Try a new set of cable.

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  1. Am using startimes on my phone ,the app I mean…but have been trying to pay and the payment keeps failing..what could be the problem

  2. I paid for classic bouquet either on the 18th December but disconnected and have no access to any of the stations today 27th December.My smart card no is 01831275556 with my mtn no 08100601640

  3. still no change smarcard number 02101944112 dont let my money go to waste pliz let me get the service i have paid for,… customer satisfaction.

  4. i have paid for my classic subscription but i am not enjoying my viewing because the Tv is displaying “No access Smartcard not paired”… smartcard number is 021 0194 4112, please look into the matter.


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