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How to Register on DSTV Now App & fix DStv Now issues

Dstv now app for android

With DStv now app you can stream your favorite TV shows anywhere you are. With this free TV streaming app you can stream your favorite programs, download and even check the TV guide for the month. DSTV Now app for android or other operating systems makes all that possible.

Using the DSTV Now app, a free tv apps you won’t have to worry about not being around when your favorite TV shows was going on because you will easily watch it with DStv now online. Step By Step How To Change Dstv Package Online

What is DStv now? It is a free TV streaming app launched by Multichoice to provide DSTV live to its subscribers and with a better access to their favorite channels and TV shows.

DStv now a

How to Register on DSTV Now App

There are two ways you can register on DSTV Now app, these are the normal mode and the free mode.

The normal mode is what will be discussed here as the free mode is only available to South Africans and in south Africa.

To register for the DStv free mode, you’ll need to have a South African mobile number. The free mode allows access to some channels for free. To use the normal mode, you’ll need to have dstv smartcard number as well as an email address. Step by step how to fix DStv No Signal Problem (E48 Error)

Steps for DSTV Now registration:

  • Download and install the DSTV Now app from Google Playstore or from other apps stores for Android or Apple Store for iOS users. If you’re making use of web browser on your desktop or mobile phone, log on to
  • After installing my DStv now app or if you wish to use a web browser, open the website, tap on the ‘Get Started’ button. If you must sign up using a web browser, I’ll recommend you use a web browser like chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • After you click on the get started button, a new window will pop up requesting for your country and your DSTV smartcard number. The country is always chosen by default using your phone IP. The DSTV smartcard number is the 10 or 11-digit number at the back of your decoder smartcard. You can also see the smartcard number by tapping the ‘ok’ button on the remote and selecting ‘information central’ option using the ok button again. Input this in the space given and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • You’ll see a text message with an OTP for confirmation. Type ib this and you’re all set to stream content on my DSTV Now app as much as you want.

Here’s how to fix your DStv Now not working

A times, the free TV streaming app goes off or malfunction. Here is a step by step guide to fix DStv now not working.

If you encounter any problem while using your DStv now app,  you should firstly log out of their accounts, clear the cache, or refresh the app.

Here’s how to clear your cache on Google Chrome:

On your computer, launch Chrome.

At the top right, tap More .

Click More tools.

Go to Clear browsing data.

At the top, select a time range.

To erase everything, select All time.

Next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” check the boxes.

Click Clear data.

Now you can log in to your DStv Now account. This works for some DStv now app for android as multichoice don’t have any fix yet for DStv now app not working

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