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weather network

weather effects on network-tips on weather control

can weather affect internet connection-essence of checking weather hourly Always serious weather conditions dish out headlines every season, residents and visitors seems to willingly accept the effect on the air and roads and still  we all take for granted the fact that communications networks will


top 50 decorations that will got you the feeling of festival

top 50 decorations and Christmas Decorations That will make you have feeling of festival. these are home decorations that will get you in the mood 1 of 51 PERNILLE LOOF Go Simple, But cool Obvious, this looks so simple but got a lot of attraction on

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top ten richest states in nigeria

The top 10 richest states in Nigeria will be listed here based on their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in millions of US Dollars. richest states in nigeria Table of Contents LAGOS STATE (GDP: $33,679 billion) RIVERS STATE (GDP: $21,073 billion) DELTA STATE (GDP: $16,749 billion)

home electrical appliances and device

major problems facing home electrical appliances and solutions

Tips on how to make home electrical appliances last longer Since the invention of technology, home electrical appliances are among if not the only technology that keeps that directly affects and also keeps life rolling. Some of these home electrical appliances is been used in


bank codes; mobile transfer codes in nigeria

transfer codes for nigerian banks Its no longer news in nigeria about mobile transfer codes, it has become something that is been used by an average nigerian . these has made it easy for both individuals and also banking sector in nigeria, because people dont

security camera system

step by step how to install a wireless security camera

steps on how to install a wireless security camera   Download the necessary required app on your phone open an account in case you don’t have any  the camera should be connected to power supply and wait for it to be ready follow the ‘add

finger print

step by step How to fix infinix finger print issues

How to Fix All Infinix Fingerprint Problems and Issues I know that you are reading this may be because you have experienced Infinix Fingerprint issues either in your Infinix Zero, Note 3, Hot 4 or other model. You are not the only one having  this

andriod connection probllems

step by step how to fix network connection issues on andriod phones

 Fix network connection issues on android devices or data connection problem in android mobile some times people do complain of mobile data not working on Samsung, teckno, infinix and other android devices. If you cannot access social media, Google Play and other websites, either through the app or the web site, or cannot load an app, you

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