Steps To Using Electric Tester Meter Like A Pro

An electric tester is an electric device that is used to test and measure the electrical properties of an object. The construction of the device is usually based on an analog or digital voltmeter. The device is used for measuring the parameters of all the electrical and electronic devices. Although an electric tester meter can … Read more

Tips On Choosing The Best Tv Antenna Signal Booster

A TV antenna signal booster is a device that is used to boost the strength of a weak television signal. Tv signal booster products are an economical solution to weak TV reception and poor transmission from satellite dishes. These products are easy to use and can help you save on cable and satellite bills. The … Read more

Easy guide to DStv box office: check balance, rentals & Cost

Dstv Box office is a service provided by Dstv to allow users to view movies and tv shows online. Unlike many other streaming services, it does not require you to download and install any software from Dstv.¬†Instead, you can access the service with your web browser without the need for any additional setup. ¬† You … Read more

How To Connect Roku To WIFI Without Remote

All streaming devices comes with its own remote control. However, some devices like Roku uses WiFi to connect remote to its players. This implies that on loosing your remote or if it damages, you will be unable to stream with it. Fortunately, their are other ways which you can use your Roku device without a … Read more

How to set-up & watch Netflix on dish receiver without internet

Maybe you are using Netflix on your mobile phone and also pays monthly for satellite TV packages, what overspending!. You should take advantage of this step-by-step guide to watch Netflix on the dish receiver without internet connection or extra device. Using Netflix on the dish network can go along way to cut costs used in … Read more

Amazon fire TV stick – How to setup, pair remote & WIFI , fix no signal

Amazon fire TV stick is a streaming media player that is been plugged into a TV to have access to selections of streaming video channels. It is plugged to the TV’s HDMI port with an easy setup using the fires stick remote. The Amazon fire TV stick can be used on both smart TV and … Read more

How To Setup Netflix Party Extension On Chrome Browser

Netflix party extension

Netflix Party extension is installed on google chrome to enable you watch Netflix together remotely with friends in a far distance. The extension harmonizes playback between individuals who are connected, it adds a conversation window for interaction between those watching a specific movie. Also, it gets anyone who’s watching to play and pause the video, … Read more

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