Step By Step How To Change Dstv Package Online

Upgrade DSTV
Upgrade DSTV

Have you been making attempt to upgrade your DSTV package or you want to switch from a lower bouquet to a higher?. We have been writing posts on basic cable TV guide and I hope this one will provide necessary information on how to downgrade or upgrade your DSTV package at the comfort of your home. You will really get it right if you carefully follow this simple guide.

Before you proceed with this tutorial on basic cable TV guide which is specifically for upgrading DSTV, here are important things to note before you can go ahead with this DSTV self service upgrade/ downgrade;

Basic cable TV guide
Basic cable TV guide

1. If you have an active DSTV subscription, wait for it to expire before you can attempt changing it.

2. You will be required to to pay for the new DSTV package online.

3 simple ways to check your Dstv subscription expiry date


If you want to successfully downgrade or upgrade your DSTV package online, carefully follow the steps below;

1. Log on to

2. Log in with your Mobile number and Smart Card Number as requested.

3. After successful login to the DSTV Self Service, click on the Account button > Add or Change button

4. Now you will see your current bouquet and other DSTV packages you can select from.

5. Choose the new DSTV bouquet you want to downgrade or upgrade to, and click Next.

6. You will see a Payment summary, choose Pay and you will be redirected to the DSTV payment portal

7. Choose your preferred payment platform, input the necessary payment details to proceed with your payment.

8. After successful payment, you will have to wait for 2-3 minutes, for your decoder to start viewing.

Cable TV guide
Cable TV guide

Using this basic cable TV guide, You can also:

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Upgrade DSTV Package

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