How To Stream CBS All Access – Cost To Watch TV Shows

You must have heard about CBS all access app if “why women kill” is in the list of your favorite tv shows. Other exciting tv-shows on this streaming platform include star trek, the good fight, interrogation, no activity, and much more exciting tv programs. On CBS all access app, you’ll watch live news, sports, and live events.

CBS all access is a streaming service from CBS although, you can’t access it on your regular cable subscription. However, unlike some other streaming platforms, it’s not available on cables and satellite TV channels as it’s direct to a user interface.

CBS all access
watch you favorite CBS shows on CBS all access app

channels to get on CBS all access app and costs

The CBS all access further reduced the cost of streaming CBS shows by giving direct access to consumers. Also, it offers a selection of quality and unique contents, including the popular “Big Brothers” and others readily available. Moreover, you can watch CBS News, CBS Sports, and live entertainment shows on the streaming platform.

On registration, you will get the CBS all-access free trial for 7 days of which you will be charged thereafter. However, CBS all access costs start from $5.99 per month. You can watch on-demand shows at $9.99 per month with no commercials.

Also, an annual subscription will save you up to 15%. Just with $9.99 per month, you will get a subscription with limited access ad-free access for just $99.99 yearly. You can also cancel the CBS all access free trial before the 7 days expiration date. Here’s how to cancel the service.

How to cancel CBS all access

  • Sign in to your CBS all account account
  • Scroll to and click on cancel subscription
  • An offer to get one month free will be displayed on the screen. Click the “no thanks” button
  • now, a confirmation page will appear, telling you that you’re about to cancel your subscription. Check the box for “I understand the terms of cancellation, ” and click the “yes, cancel” button.
  • The next page will ask you why you want to cancel the service, check any box and click “complete cancellation

After that, you have successfully canceled your CBS all access account. You can also click on the “resume subscription” button the continue the service after cancelation.

CBS all access app & compatible device s

CBS all access app enables streaming on mobile phones and computers. However, with a smart TV, you can easily install the CBS app and enjoy the service if your smart tv is hooked up to an internet connection.

Also, there are yet other devices in which you can download the CBS all access app and watch the CBS shows, news, and sports more conveniently. They are; Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox one, play station 4. Similarly, if you experience difficulties with the CBS live stream on any of your devices, follow the below guide to get it fixed.

How to fix CBS all access problems today

  • Check your Internet connection – if your CBS all access is freezing up when playing, check if your Internet connection is strong enough. Check your router and other gadgets to see if they are in proper condition.
  • Disconnect and your router – disconnecting and reconnect your wifi router. This is a general way to restore an Internet connection.
  • Sign out, clear cache, and sign in back to your CBS all access account.
  • Delete and re-download the CBS all access app and then restart your device.

Below are some errors and how to fix them.

Error UVP 1011

You will be seeing this error code if you are using CBS live stream on Amazon Fire Stick TV. You can easily fix this CBS error by closing the CBS all access app, restarting your device, and launch the app again.

Error Code 60

If you signed in your account go many devices, you will see the Error Code 60 on your CBS All Access app when an attempt is made to stream on more than two accounts at a time. This is as a result of CBS All Access limiting simultaneous streaming to only two devices.

To fix this CBS streaming problem, fond out devices connected to your account and disconnect the one’s you wish to. In case you can’t find out who is streaming with your account, you can easily change your password and sign out every other user.

Error Code 1001

The error code 1001 is related to the ad blocker. Most times, when streaming your favorite CBS shows, the CBS all access app will freeze up. You can fix this by disabling your ad blocker and your streaming will be restored.

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