What To Do When Tv Says No Signal But Cable Box Is On

TV says no signal but cable box is on

If you are enjoying your favourite show on any satellite dish be it StarTimes TV, directv dish network and others. Suddenly you receive an error in your screen. After a check, you discovered that TV says no signal but cable box is o and working properly.

However, having cable box no signal could be as a result of bad weather, for example, storms, heavy rainfall. Also tall buildings and trees could result to TV antenna not picking up channels. There are other things that can result to TV no signal but cable box is on, such as HDMI, error connection and faulty connectors. Sometimes, satellite dish goes out of alignment. Most suitable rf connector for TV antenna installation

No signal on Samsung TV could be caused by wrong connection of AV cable. Also Sony TV no signal is mostly caused by AV wire which should be properly connected. However, if all is ok with you TV and yet you are still seeing no signal on TV, then the fault might be from the reception.

Here’s are quick fix when TV says no signal but cable box is on and working properly. Follow the step by step method below;

Troubleshoot your TV and check all connections from HDMI cable, rf ports, AV wire and all connections that could result to loss of signal. But before that, you should turn off your device, unplug it and then plug it back again and turn it on.

Check your setup box

Most times, when you experience TV says no signal but cable box is on the fault comes from the setup box both SD and HD box. To fix signal problem caused by setup box, you should turn it off, unplug it and allow it to cool. Sometimes, there may be an update and your cable box has not integrate with it. So, restarting it to integrate with the adjustments will fix the no signal issue and help boost signal strength in your decoder. Easy Way To Fix Signal Strength On Dstv Decoder For Optimal Reception

HDMI issues

When the HDMI port is shaking, it could result to TV no signal even when the cable box is on and functioning properly. Also, If the connections are not fitting tightly or slipping out, it can cause unstable signal. However, this can easily be fixed as most TV set comes with an additional HDMI.

To fix this, you should change to the alternative HDMI ports. If your TV manufacturers did not include an additional HDMI port, you should remove the HDMI cable and re-insert it again and make it to be tight. After that your TV no signal issues should be fixed

HDMI ports

Other reasons

There are many other reasons that could result to cable TV says no signal but cable box is on. Some of this reasons are caused by Minor issues which rarely occurs.

One of such issues is the HDCP error (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) which prevents unlicensed device from receiving signal. This errors occurs when using a non licensed device. To fix this, just remove the non licensed device and your signal will be back. How to Fix ‘Spectrum Cable Box not Working’ Yourself

Lastly, signal errors could be from the TV set itself. This is the only case that the services of a technician is highly required. Therefore, the above methods can be used to fix TV no signal even when the cable box is on and in good state. Thanks for reading.

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