How to Reset DStv & fix Dstv channels not showing

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Dstv Nigeria is a satellite cable TV owned Multichoice. Lots of people use this Digital Satellite Television in Nigeria due to the many channels it offers. All services are made simple as they have offered a DStv self service and a reliable customer care service. In this post I will show you in detail how to activate dstv subscription after payment and get it back to action once more. STEP BY STEP HOW TO INSTALL DSTV DISH

However, making subscription payments for Digital Satellite Television through different ways such as Global pay, PayU, e Tranzact, Eazy Money, Paga e-Pay, Quick teller or in any bank in Nigeria. Although, we have seen complaints on missing channels after subscription. No cause for alarm if you have experienced this. DStv self service can easily be used to reset your decoder and allowing you to receive channels with no interruptions.

Some channels are missing on my DStv

Your DStv channels are likely to miss after making your Digital Satellite Television subscription when: you make the payment after the subscription has fully expired. Secondly when you do not insert in the smart card into the device before any commands are sent to the decoder. So therefore, you should follow the whole procedure while renewing your DStv subscription to avoid channels not showing. However, there are ways in which you can reset your channels and fix missing channels on DStv now. How To fix Dish Tv No Signal

Here’s how to manage your DSTV subscriptions and its products with the help of self service. With this service, fixing any issues related to your decoder is now made simple.

reset Dstv

How to reset DStv after payment

After successfully making your payment and you notice that some channels are not showing, reset your decoder with these two methods. One is via SMS, and the other is using the eazy DStv self service. In any case, before resetting, be sure your decoder is connected to the power source to receive any command. Also connect the smartcard to the decoder.


Using SMS method is fastest and easiest way to reactivate your DSTV decoder. To reset your Digital Satellite Television via the SMS method, follow the bellow steps:

  1. Send an SMS with the word RESET followed by your smartcard number to 30333.
  2. You will see a confirmation message informing you that your request is being processed.
  3. After that, check if the channels are now showing.

How to reset using the easy DStv self service

  1. Visit the DStv website and select your country.
  2. Log in to your account with your surname or mobile number and your smartcard number.
  3. Click on “Fix Errors.”
  4. Type in your smartcard number in the dialogue box provided.
  5. Choose the “E16” error option. Most times it already there.
  6. Enter the text displayed in the captcha box.
  7. Click on “Fix Error.”
  8. After that, error will be fixed immediately, and your subscribed channels will be showing.

Certainly, these two methods should work just fine if your decoder is in good condition and also your dish antenna. However, if these two options fails to work, contact a professional or visit their service centres or contact the Digital Satellite Television customer care. How Can I Pay Gotv Subscription With Phone

DStv customer care Nigeria

A research conducted shown that among all the satellites cable TV providers in Nigeria, Multichoice DStv Nigeria customer care is one of the fastest and most reliable in terms of service.

The customer care is there to help any client who needs urgent assistance. Below are the DStv Nigeria customer care numbers for various locations, and their email address and social media contacts. You can contact them any time, offline and online.

missing channels on dstv

DStv Nigeria contacts for Lagos and Abuja

Physical location

Also here are DStv offices in Nigeria for those who may want to visit them physically:

Digital Satellite Television Nigeria Lagos

Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street,

Victoria Island, Lagos State

DStv Nigeria Abuja

3 Kaura Namoda Street Area 3 Garki,

Legion House, Abuja.

With no doubt, digital Satellite Television has become one of the most popular satellites cable TV providers in Nigeria and has brought a thrill to many homes. In the same vein, DStv customer care is playing a role in making its customers feel at ease while enjoying their services. They are easily available at any time to offer their first class services. DStv self service greatly reduced the burden in both sides by giving customers the privilege to handle issues concerning their devices from the comfort of their homes.

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