Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website, offering a wide range of products from books to clothes to electronic devices. But much of the merchandise available on Amazon’s web service is also sold elsewhere by third-party merchants. This is why there are services like Amazon Prime and Prime Now. But there may be a chance that you ended up going out to buy a Christmas gift only to find that it’s not even in stock. If you’re annoyed with this situation, you can use the Prime Now. Prime Now is a service offered by Amazon. It is a 2-hour delivery service which is available seven days a week.

As a result Amazon offers a wide range of same day delivery options, some as cheap as $3.99. Considering a lot of customers use Amazon for a lot of things, this is a good option for most people.

The company recently launched Prime Air, a new drone delivery service that it hopes will make its warehouses less busy. The service will first be tested in the US for package deliveries, while it is not entirely clear when the service will be offered in Europe.

However, if you have ordered something from Amazon, you know how much of a hassle it can be to receive the item promptly. You can order something like a dress and you get it in 4 days, then it’s 2 days to ship, then it’s another 2 days to arrive.

Amazon same day delivery

Amazon continues to be on a mission to deliver the best products to the doorstep of its customers. They’ve recently introduced same day delivery during the holiday season. That means you can get your items delivered to you the same day you order them.

They announced that they will be offering their Prime customers same day delivery in select cities starting with Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Amazon also said it will expand same day delivery to new cities this year, including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The service is called Amazon Key and it enables customers to receive packages inside their homes by logging into Amazon’s app and using the app’s camera to scan the barcode on the outside of the package. This process replaces Amazon’s existing lock and key delivery service, which requires customers to leave home with a package before it is delivered. What is Amazon flex: how much do drivers make?

How To Get Same Day Delivery On Amazon

  1. Make your account prime enabled
  2. Find out if you live near a designated Amazon Locker
  3. Contact your local Amazon Locker for pick up
  4. Download the Prime Now App

Make your account prime enabled

With Amazon’s recent announcement of its Prime membership program, it seems that the company is trying to make its Prime delivery service a mainstay in the lives of its customers. The service already offers free 2-day shipping on select items, but now Amazon wants to make it a must-have for people who want to get their hands on its vast array of products. So, to make your Amazon Prime account prime enabled, you will have to purchase the Prime membership (if you are eligible) and activate the free shipping option on your order. Tips to get more blocks on Amazon flex

Find out if you live near a designated Amazon Locker

Amazon has its delivery system in the form of Amazon lockers. These lockers are located in many cities across the United States. And are used to store packages from Amazon shipments that have been delivered to the correct address, but are left in the wrong place and need to be retrieved. They are a great tool for customers who are unable to receive deliveries due to a restriction on the recipient’s part.

Download the Prime Now App

You can get Amazon prime delivered to your phone. The Amazon app for iOS and Android now lets you pick up your favorite products, from diapers to toilet paper, and get them delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less. If you’d rather get stuff on the go, you can also use the app to pay for a delivery, or you can get a Prime Now membership, which lets you order in store and get it delivered in one to two hours.

If you are a Prime member and/or live in an area that the Prime Now app is available, use this opportunity to get access to the app.

Items To Get Same Day Delivery On Amazon

On Amazon Prime, you can get most items that are sold by Amazon shipped to you same day. The only things that won’t ship same day are:

  • Commodities that are not sold by Amazon (e.g. perishable items, books, or software)
  • Items that are subitems (such as a new release item)
  • Products that are too large to fit in the allotted Amazon package size (usually a case of 6 or more)
  • Items that are not eligible for free shipping
  • that which are eligible for free shipping but are eligible for faster shipping

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