How to pay for Startimes subscription online

Startimes subscription payment
Startimes subscription payment

In this post we’ll show you step by step how to check your StarTimes subscription status, plan and StarTimes payment online. It is very simple and cheaper as there is even no need to go to office to recharge your StarTimes.

How to subscribe for Startimes online

Paying StarTimes subscription has become much easier. What you have to do is to select the bouquet or package that you like and recharge StarTimes. You can do this online without any stress or inconvenience. Let’s see how to check StarTimes subscription status. Pay For Gotv, Dstv Subscription & Be A Quickteller Paypoint Agent

At first, to enjoy Startimes daily subscription or others, you need to have the StarTimes decoder. The company has different types of decoders you can choose from:

  • SD Decoder
  • Combo Decoder
  • HD Decoder
  • DTH S2 Decoder
Startimes recharge
Startimes recharge

When you have the already working decoder, it is time to select the bouquet, you can do it at the official website Here we have made available for you the list of available bouquets with the information on how to pay for StarTimes plan online.

  • Nova

Price: N60

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617928*60#

ATM Code: 240617928

  • Basic.

Price: N90

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617931*90#

ATM Code: 240617931

  • Smart

Price: N120

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617934*120#

ATM Code: 240617934

  • Classic

Price: N180

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617937*180#

ATM Code: 240617937

  • Unique

Price: N240

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617940*240#

ATM Code: 240617940

  • Super

Price: N240

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617943*240#

Merchant/ATM Code: 240617943

Weekly Plans Prices

  • Nova

Price: N300

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617929*300#

ATM Code: 240617929

  • Basic

Price: N450

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617932*450#

ATM Code: 240617932

  • Smart

Price: N600

ATM Code: 240617935.

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617935*600#

  • Classic

Price: N900

ATM Code: 240617938

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617938*900#

  • Unique

Price: N1,300

ATM Code: 240617941

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617941*1300#

  • Super

Price: N1,200

ATM Code: 240617944

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617944*1200#

  • Nova

Price: N900

ATM Code: 240617930

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617930*900#

  • Basic

Price: N1,300

ATM Code: 240617933

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617933*1300#

  • Smart

Price: N1,900

ATM Code: 240617936

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617936*1900#

  • Classic

Price: N2,600

ATM Code: 240617939

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617939*2600#

  • Unique

Price: N3,800

ATM Code: 240617942

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617942*3800#

  • Super

Price: N3,800

ATM Code: 240617945

Code for subscription: *322*1*240617945*3800#

Startimes subscription status
Startimes subscription status

How to subscribe to Startimes online using Quickteller?

You should use Quickteller app and USSD code to create simple online payment for StarTimes subscription. Before proceeding to make any payment, you have to be sure that your StarTimes decoder is switched On.

  • Open Startimes payment page;
  • On drop-down menu, you can select the desired bouquet plan for  StarTimes subscription;
  • Enter the necessary information: email, smartcard number, mobile number;
  • Press the “continue” button, and the billing page should open;
  • Choose the kind of your debit card and type in the needed card details;
  • Complete the transaction by clicking the “Pay” button;
  • After the above mentioned, you need to wait for 0 – 10 minutes and enjoy favorite TV programs.

Startimes subscription payment with the help of USSD Code:

For this  particular method, the necessity is just a mobile phone, and there is also no need for internet connection. Just dial short code *322*1*subscription code*amount# on the phone.

How to recharge StarTimes using Gtbank

This is another online method of purchasing StarTimes subscription plan.

Dial *737*37*Amount*SmartCard Number# on the phone, use the number connected with your Gtbank account.

Startimes subscription payment using ATM:

This is another simple method to recharge your StarTime decoder. Follow below method:

  • Visit the nearest ATM;
  • Insert your debit card, enter PIN Number;
  • Select the Quickteller option from the ATM menu screen;
  • Select Pay Bills and choose others;
  • Enter the ATM code of chosen StarTimes subscription plan and press “Proceed”;
  • Follow on-screen guide to complete the StarTimes payment.

As you can see, the company has made available many convenient method for StarTimes  online subscription and StarTimes payment, so try the service and enjoy your favorite movies and TV programs.

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