How to fix Netflix not working on ROKU TV when streaming

Netflix not working on Roku streaming stick

Maybe you are at your leisure time and wants to ease your self by watching some problems. On turning-on, you experience Roku connection problem when connecting to server. Or Netflix not working on Roku TV when you wants to stream on the Roku player. However, this is not a reason for concern as I’ll walk … Read more

How to unsubscribe netflix account on phone & TV

unsubscribe Netflix account

For a reason or the other, you wish to unsubscribe Netflix account or perhaps canceling after the free trial. In fact, some Netflix problems we experience today might push you towards canceling your account. However, you can easily pause your account and rectify issues you have maybe with the streaming or payment method. This article … Read more

How To Setup Netflix Party Extension On Chrome Browser

Netflix party extension

Netflix Party extension is installed on google chrome to enable you watch Netflix together remotely with friends in a far distance. The extension harmonizes playback between individuals who are connected, it adds a conversation window for interaction between those watching a specific movie. Also, it gets anyone who’s watching to play and pause the video, … Read more

Troubleshooting: How to fix Netflix

Netflix issues Netflix app on tv Netflix solutions Netflix has turned to be one of the most-popular video streaming services in the world but that doesn’t make it a fun to use always. As a result of reliance on apps, internet connectivity, and third-party hardware may at times result in the Netflix not working: if … Read more

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