How to Watch GOtv free on Mobile Phone

Its no longer a news that GOtv is taking over the market gradually, it is now the best alternative to DStv. This multichoice product is well known for showing interesting programmes and most especially programmes that engage subscribers. Similar to DStv that you can install its App and watch all programme and shows on your mobile phone without additional charges, you can also watch GOtv free using the necessary gadget. Easy GOtv Activation After Payment

How to watch GOtv free
How to watch GOtv free

Subscribers are really interested in knowing if GOtv has a mobile app where to watch programmings at convenient time. GOtv users in Nigeria, south Africa, Kenya and other African countries wanting to know how to Watch GOtv free on Mobile Phone. Although GOtv has a mobile app but it cannot be used to watch programs and TV shows online but the truth remains that you can watch GOtv free online. How Can I Pay Gotv Subscription With Phone

How to Watch GOtv Free on Mobile Phone

Like I mentioned earlier, watching GOtv programs online is a reality but not on GOtv mobile app. At the same time, you can alternatively watch on the Mobile device like Walka or Drifta if you can purchase them.

Gotv isn’t like Startimes and DStv which already has their Mobile App and thus, subscribers can easily connect their decoder to a mobile phone by connecting their card number with the mobile app and start viewing any channel at no additional cost.

Meanwhile, their is a possibility of them working on the app as they already have a mobile app. And also, what is left is just to enable GOtv mobile channels facility. Let’s hope they will achieve this anytime soon. How To Use Gotv Guide: Gotv TV guide

Required GOtv Mobile Device You Need to Watch Gotv free on Mobile Phone

  • Walka 3.5i

Walka is a handheld portable television. Using this device, no additional gadget is required to watch GOtv on Mobile. GHS 199

  • Walka 7

The Walka 7 is also a portable TV with a 7” viewing screen with digital visual and audio quality. GHS 294

  • Drifta Wifi

This is a mobile TV decoder that has the capability to receive DVB-H signal and converts it into a Wi-Fi signal for Wi-Fi enabled viewing devices: laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones. GHS 189

  • Drifta USB

The Drifta USB is also a mobile TV decoder which receives the DVB-H signal for viewing on laptops and PCs. GHS 118

  • iDrifta

The iDrifta is another mobile TV decoder that that can be used to watch GOtv free. It receives DVB-H signal for viewing on iOS devices. GHS 156

How To Activate Your Subscription After acquiring the GOtv Mobile Device

  • Ensure that the GOtv Mobile device is fully charged & the power is turned on.
  • Now extend and place the antenna vertically for better reception.
  • Send the following via SMS to 4688: ACTM CASnumber yourcellphonenumber
  • CAS number begins with 4 and is found on the back of your GOtv Mobile device.
  • For example, SMS ACTM4123456 0244123456

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