How To Record Programs On Spectrum DVR

If you newly purchase a spectrum DVR box, yet unable to record shows on spectrum TV for playback later. In this post, we’ll discuss how to set up and use your DVR box to watch movies and TV shows later.

To begin with, you must have connected your DVR box to TV, and also set up for use before proceeding. A functional remote will also be needed in the process.

Spectrum dvr box

The standard Spectrum HD DVR record time can be up to 80 hours of SD and 35 hours of HD programming. Meanwhile, enhanced Spectrum DVR can record up to 150 hours of HD programming and is capable of recording up to six different shows at a time. Follow this step to set up your spectrum DVR box and record movies and TV shows to playback later.

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How to record on spectrum

  • Power on the DVR box and your TV.
  • Go to the particular show, movie, or documentary you wish to record for playback.
  • On your TV remote, press on the record button to start.
  • To save the recording on DVR, press the stop button on your remote and click on “stop and save” option.
  • To delete recorded program on spectrum TV, click on the “stop and delete” option.

And that is it how to record shows on spectrum TV for playback on DVR box. However, the spectrum DVR storage capacity is 96 recording hours. After exhausting the recording time, old records will be archived if you start a new recording. Therefore, before the box archives older programs and starts recording again, select and remove any program

To delete recorded programs on your DVR box
  • Press the list button to see all recorded programs.
  • Navigate to the particular program you want to delete.
  • Click the “ok” button on it.
  • navigate down to “delete show” and click on it.
  • And finally, confirm your choice by clicking on “yes”

And that’s how to delete recorded movies and TV shows on spectrum DVR box.

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How to solve DVR issues

Maybe in the process or you simply wants to record an episode and you notice your Spectrum DVR won’t record series or live shows. Sometimes, you experience the DVR not showing recorded shows and not working properly.

Here’s a fix for your spectrum DVR not working. Go through this article carefully to get your DVR box working perfectly.

Causes and fix for spectrum DVR not working

Storage full

Could be the reason behind all the shortcomings you are experiencing on your spectrum DVR box. To fix this, delete some recordings.

However, deleting recordings will permanenty rease contents after the hard drive has been cleared. Importantly, deleting a recording will definitely change some settings in your DVR box.

Problems with Series Recordings

After setting as a series recording, programs like, daily news shows and sports shows may stop record is episode is canceled. Follow the steps below to fix this problem :

  1. Remove the existing series recording.
  2. Reset the DVR.
  3. Establish a new series recording for the chosen news program/game show.
  4. Check if the program is scheduled to record under recordings.

Playback Issues

If you experience any issues with playback, check that the Primary DVR is connected and turned on.

To fix issues with playback on some channels, record a few moments of a new program. It could be a fault from the broadcast.

Scheduled Recordings Not Working

Programs or scheduled recordings may delete automatically no space to save new recordings. Therefore, use the list feature and access the list of recorded videos and then delete the already watched ones.

Missing Functionality

Incidentally, some of your DVR features stops working, fasten any loose connections and, if necessary, change any equipment that appear faulty or damaged. After fixing any faulty connections, reset your receiver.

Problems Fast-Forwarding

It’s not all channels that support fast-forwarding On Demand programming. 

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