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How to fix GoTV Decoder Showing Red, Yellow/Orange or Green Light

When a Gotv decoder indicator lights starts blinking, it means there is an issue or a notification which requires the subscribers attention. Most subscribers do not notice or are not aware of the meaning on the Gotv blinking indicators lights. But nothing to worry about as this post will explain explain in details how to carry some necessary troubleshooting  steps to fix issues on your gotv set.

Easy Gotv activation

How to Fix GOtv decoder showing a yellow/Orange Light Constantly

Carefully follow below steps to fix gotv indicating different colors.

  • Step 1: Press the power button
  • Step 2: long press the power button, connect the power cable to the decoder with the AV cables or cord and the antennae cable (RF IN)
  • Step 3: now 3 lights flashes and then you can remove your hand from the power button
  • Step 4: tap p+ p- twice
  • Step 6: after that, it will take you straight to the scan process, wait till the decoder completes the scanning and with complete channel list. How to Watch GOtv free on Mobile Phone


if the color blinking persists it means is not receiving sufficient power or voltage is low. Change the power source and if that did not solve the problem, visit the near Gotv Office for repair.

Solution to your Gotv Decoder Blinking Orange Light

The orange light blinking in your GOTV decoder is as a result of a notification  sent to your decoder. To view GOTV notification and clear the message, follow these steps below;

My Gotv Decoder Shows Orange Light, Stops scanning at 50% on TV

Firstly check if you have at least 60% signal strength and 100% quality for maximum reception. However you may adjust the position of your antenna and ensure that it is high enough and nothing is obstructing it from sky view.

My Gotv decoder is not turning ON, Shows RED Light

Tap on the RED button on your decoder remote. If your device do not turn on after pressing the power button, check if it is connected to power supply. After that check if the power cable is in good condition. If after confirming that your electrical outlet is in proper condition and your GOTV decoder do not turn on yet- take it to the nearest GOtv office for repair.

Gotv Channels not active

You will have to scan. Press Menu > Advanced Options > Installation > Automatics Scan > OK

Gotv Decoder Showing “no service found”

For a quality reception, it is recommended you get a Gotv Antenna.


To see your GOTV signal strength progress. Press Menu > Information Central > Signal Strength/Quality. If the signal strength is below 90% and quality below 100%, you will have to check the connections behind your decoder.

Red light on Gotv Decoder

If your GOtv decoder is showing red light, it means your account is disconnected. Pay for your package subscription and get reconnected.

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19 thoughts on “How to fix GoTV Decoder Showing Red, Yellow/Orange or Green Light”

  1. Sotannde lukman says:

    A message was sent to me to upgrade my decoder I did so but the decoder keep bringing red light only without any display on the TV

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Contact GOTV customer care if the issue persist after turning it off and on again

  2. Hope Aramunde says:

    My gotv is showing a red light without any display, what do I do

  3. Dorcas Emmanuel says:

    My gotv has Orange. Light and is not displaying what do I do

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      It went out of signal .. Unplug it and plug it back.. If the case persist, send me a mail at

  4. Eunice says:

    My gotv is showing orange light and also showing no signal on tv what should i do

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Check ur rf connector and see if its well connected to your decoder. Peal of the cable to make the small thin wire inside to be long

  5. Emmanuel says:

    pls my gotv kips blinking red and green light with out displaying on d tv. What shld I do?

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Turn off your decoder, unplug it for 2 minutes, plug it back and turn it on again

  6. Opeyemi nafisah says:

    My gotv is showing a red light without any display, what do I do

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Check your antenna, there is a loose connection in your antenna, check the lnb cable, tear out the end that connects to your decoder so that the tiny let inside will be long enough to enter your decoder

  7. John snalfit says:

    Please my gotv decoder is blinking orange light with no signal 📶 on TV.. What can I do

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Check the coxial cable, the end that connects to the decoder. Ensure that the small lead inside is long enough. If its not, tear out some outer layer of the coxail cable.

  8. PETER says:

    My gotv displays only the logo…

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      But does it show anything before displaying the logo? If not, the fault could be from the Gotv antenna. Adjust the antenna and ensure it’s not obstructed by any tree or building

  9. Abaagu Kelvin Terdue says:

    Pls my gotv decorder has been blinking orange color since morning and is showing no signal on TV. What do I do

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Check the position of your antenna. Check the coaxial cable and confirm if the f-connector is connected to both the antenna and the decoder

  10. Jane says:

    My gotv is showing a red light without displaying anything on tv, please what di i do???

    1. Frenzy valentine says:

      Hello Jane, adjust your antenna and confirm if its in proper condition

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