How To Upgrade To Gotv Max & Other Packages Easily

Gotv has various packages for its subscribers. These packages comes with different number of channels. Also, these GOTV package prices are also different as they are not equal in terms of service. Package upgrade is always done to improve the experience and to suit your desired package.

How To Recharge Gotv Subscription Packages From Banks Account

In this article, I’ll walk you through a detailed guide to upgrade or downgrade your GOTV packages after payment of subscription. However, Upgrading your decoder Software will take a few steps after going through this step by step guide. Upgrade GOtv plus to GOtv max

If you want to upgrade GOtv plus to GOtv max or the other way round, this post will simplify the process. GOTV offers over 50 different channels although, they depend on your subscribed packages. We have simplified the process involved to upgrade GOtv plus to GOtv max and other package upgrade and downgrade.

Gotv Self Service & Office Address In Nigeria Cities

Gotv packages and prices

  • GOTV Lite: price – N400 per month with over 23 channels.
  • GOTV Value: price – N1250 per month with over 40 channels.
  • GOTV Plus: cost N1900 per month with over 54 channels.
  • GOTV Max: Price – N3200 per month with over 60 channels.
  • GOTV Mobile Access: cost – N630 per month. Used only on GOtv app

Gotv upgrade

How To Upgrade Gotv Packages

Before proceeding with the package upgrade, confirm if your subscription has expired as it will be unsuccessful if you have an active plan. To upgrade GOtv plus to GOtv max or any other package upgrade, follow this steps below;

  • Visit GOTV website
  • Log in to your account using your IUC number and your registered phone number .
  • While in the account page, tap on “build a package”.
  • Select the particular package you want to downgrade or upgrade to and proceed by tapping “next”.
  • Fill in your payment details.
  • Proceed with the payment. After a successful transaction, your plan will be activated within a short period of time.

That’s how to can perform upgrade to your desired package. You can also downgrade to other packages following the same process.

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