How to Enable Split Screen Feature on Android

How to Enable Split Screen Feature on Android

1. To enable the use of two apps at once
1. Android 9.0 Pie and above
1. Click on the Square navigation button on the bottom right of your screen
1. Note: For Pixel 3, camon 11 pro users swipe the home button up
2. Click the app Icon you want to split screen
3. Click Split screen
4. Click on the second app you would like to display on the split screen
While android split-screen mode can come in handy, I guess its not something you will want to use all the time. There are a couple of ways to get out of split-screen mode. How to connect a Local Channel Antenna to DIRECTV

How to end split-screen mode

Firstly, and probably most easiest, way to end split-screen mode is by double tapping the home button, double tapping the back button or long-tapping the split-screen app switching icon. This methods automatically closes the secondary app at the bottom of your display.

Another simple way to end your split-screen mode session is by dragging the divider line all the way to the top or bottom of your display there by closing the particular app you wish to close. This method enables you to choose which app you prefer to keep open, as opposed to automatically selecting the app at the top of your screen.

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