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Does Amazon ship to Nigeria?: shipping by Forwarding services

Having not less than a hundred million daily unique visitors, Amazon has grown to be the biggest online shopping platform. However, we have been receiving questions if Amazon ship to Nigeria . The answer is yes in this post, I will walk you through steps to to get your Amazon items shipped to Nigeria in no time.

Does Amazon ship to Nigeria?

Amazon ship to Nigeria

Although, Amazon delivery to Nigeria is possible, but you can’t visit this platform and just pay for any product sold on it and have direct shipping to your home. Its not that simple in some situations. How To Transfer Money From Amazon To Bank Account Easily

Shipping Amazon items to Nigeria is a more complicated task as Amazon is not one man business. It comprises online sellers from the USA, the UK, Canada, some African countries, Europe, and other parts of the world. However, its not all sellers that are ready to ship items to every country, some are limited to U.S, Canada and United Kingdom.

Have you found your self in a situation, when you come across a quality and cheap item that you wish to purchase and put on Amazon delivery to Nigeria, and just to find out that the seller does not ship to Nigeria, this can be so annoying.

amazon delivery services in usa

Well, as you may already know, their are lots of sellers who can guarantee Amazon delivery to Nigeria. Although, such shipment (if it is direct) can take sometime before reaching to it’s destination. With information gathered from, individuals who have made direct purchases on this platform and requesting the seller to ship the product right to Africa through FedEx or any other mail company can testify that it can take from 12 – 17 days to get your items. If you think about it, you will realize that the cost for some of these international shipment can be more costly than the cost of the product itself.

How to ship Amazon items to Nigeria

Before initiating any international purchase, you should confirm the best way to receive your products at home in Nigeria without any issue from international Amazon shipping.

Here are the best methods of Amazon delivery to Nigerians houses:

Method 1. Ask the seller to ship to Nigeria

Well, I think its safe to assume that this is the easiest method to get your items from Amazon ship to Nigeria; although this does not guarantee that the seller will satisfy your request with pleasure. Some U.S. sellers and non-U.S. users who offer their products on Amazon do not send their products to Nigeria. In such a case, you will be forced to look for an alternative.

However, if the seller decides to ship to Nigeria, I will advice you to provide a post office address near you to avoid delay. Although, its way too costly to have shipping companies deliver items to your home.

Here is what you can do to use this method:

  1. Go to official Amazon website.
  2. In the top left corner choose your shipping country as ‘Nigeria.’
  3. After that, look at the products and search through the platform you will see a notice whether your goods can be shipped directly to Nigeria or not. It will display ‘eligible for shipping to Nigeria’ or ‘not eligible.’
  4. After that, proceed with the purchase and have it shipped directly to your home.

Method 2. Use a forwarding company to ship your goods

There are many forwarding companies that have their warehouses in the United States of America. They offers a free virtual shipping address (it is usually your personal suite number at the company’s warehouse) to foreign customers. This also comes with an easy way to to make purchases on Amazon as if you are living in any of the American States.

I don’t think there’s any seller on the U.S Amazon platform who won’t be willing to ship to anywhere in united States, and thus you can have your items delivered to your address. And later have it forwarded to you in your Nigeria address.

As you can see, Amazon delivery to Nigeria is not just possible, it is actually popular in our country. Many users prefer making online purchases and even saving their money by shopping in the USA, where Amazon is the biggest online market. How to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV: Samsung TV & Sony smart TV

For some goods, you can ask sellers to ship directly to your Nigerian home address, for other products, you can only work with freight forwarding companies.

forwarding services

Also, customers using freight forwarding services to ship from Amazon to Nigeria using freight enjoy cheaper shipping rates if compared to using FedEx or other mail companies for each purchase made on Amazon. Companies like Aramex, Borderoo, Hont Global Services can give you a virtual address in the USA and makes it easy in making purchases in the country.

Note: a 4-5 U.S. dollars per pound charge will be applied to ship your goods from the USA to Lagos (Nigeria) using a forwarding company.

Also, the product may determine the possibility of shipping to Nigeria m. For instance, you will be unable to ship flammable products or items that is restricted from being shipped internationally.

Most importantly, individual sellers might not be aware of what they can really ship or not, so I will advice you to go through the list of shippable products in freight forwarding company before making payment for any item.

To be totally honest with you, Amazon delivery to Nigeria is not easy, in fact almost impossible. It is actually popular in our country. Although, lots of people prefer shopping online and making online purchases in united States where Amazon is the biggest online market.

How long does it take for Amazon to deliver to Nigeria? It all depends on the seller and the shipping platform you chooses. For some, goods, you can ask sellers to ship directly to your Nigerian home address, and for others, you can only work with freight forwarding companies.

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