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Solution To Dstv Satellite Dish Signal Problems

Dstv satellite dish signal problems

Have you ever been in a position that you are watching your favorite TV show and suddenly your TV displays No signal or your Dstv satellite dish stops working. You don’t have to stress your self as I have listed figured out why your satellite dish not working and how to fix DStv satellite dish signal problem or poor signal reception. 

Satellite Dish Not Working And How To Fix It

No Signal On Satellite Dish

To get maximum signal level, Then your satellite dish needs to be aligned correctly to avoid loss of signal, It is not proper to align a satellite dish by eyesight alone or by mere looking at the others house’s satellite dish. simply because of the way they work and the transponders/frequencies that they use. Most suitable rf connector for TV antenna installation

There’s a big differences between a signal with good quality signal and no signal at all. Increase or little adjustment to realign your satellite dish already knocked off direction could be the reason why your satellite dish not working and this is how to fix satellite dish signal problem.

If your Dstv satellite dish signal strength is 0, I recommend using signal finder or TV Spectrum analyzer to monitor and check when high quality signal is achieved. Also make available all necessary tools required to align DStv satellite dish as it will be needed. Easy guide to connect DStv decoder to multiple TVs- extra view

How To Determine The Location  Dish To Face

To avoid Dstv satellite dish no signal problem, you’ll have to find out the proper direction to point your dish. You should try using compass and inclinometer while aligning your satellite dish.

Weathering/Waterlogged Cables

Water could cause disruption in your reception. So preventing water from getting into the cable wire. Because the DStv satellite dish is an outdoor antenna, it is necessary to put in place all measures to stop water from penetrating into coaxial and the LNB. This is to avoid Dstv satellite dish poor signal reception, to achieve this, here are the common ways to avoid weatherproofing or waterlogged.

  1. Pull down the weatherproofing cover on the LNB
  2. use weatherproof f-connectors
  3. use tape to over open surfaces in the cable wire

Image of trees blocking satellite dish

Obstructions From Trees & Blocking Buildings

Tall buildings and trees can affect your Dstv signal strength as they block it from receiving high quality signal which could lead to your satellite TV dish not working properly.

To ensure optimal signal reception on your Dstv satellite dish, position it where there is no obstruction or cut down branches of trees obstructing it from receiving signal. Also, endeavor to clear cobwebs covering the Dstv dish. Therefore, location plays a big role in signal reception in any satellite dish. How To Activate & Reset Dstv Decoder After Subscriotion Payment

Faulty LNB

Obviously, faulty LNB will automatically result to your Dstv satellite dish not working. Although, some LNB’s develop fault and yet, functions properly. In this situation, it will be very difficult to troubleshoot your dish when it starts developing faults. So, using high performance test tools to check the satellite signals should help a lot.

If your satellite dish is well aligned and accurate with no obstructions blocking the signal with no significant weathering disorder and during the night seems not to be cloudy when properly checked.

Replacing a faulty LNB should be a nice step in fixing DStv satellite dish signal problems. LNB do not only affect the signals but also uneasy to diagnose in certain situation. So, replacing it will contribute to high quality signal strength on your Dstv.

Bad weather

Bad weather is one of the major challenge faced by all satellite dish and antenna. Atmospheric conditions like heavy rainfall, lighting and cloudy atmosphere can result to your Dstv satellite dish signal strength to be 0.

In this case, I recommend the use of a lager satellite dish to increase signal reception. But to be sincere, there’s nothing much you can do to fix satellite signal problems or No signal caused by bad weather. Certainly, the signal always comes back when the storm or rain stops. Although it will only take a heavy rainfall to result to this, therefore, if you are having signal problem on your Dstv decoder when the rainfall is not heavy then you should get a bigger dish to receive more high quality signal.

However, it’s necessary to turn off and unplug any electronics device in your home during heavy rainfall. Lightening can penetrate to your satellite dish through the LNB and cause a serious fault on your Dstv decoder.

Short Cable connection

DStv satellite dish not working could be caused by short cable connection. If there’s a short cable connection between LNB and receiver, the negative charges of the coaxial cable may touch the positive conductor. Resultantly, would cause the flow of direct current (DC) from the LNB to the Satellite receiver. Also, this could result to major hardware fault and making your satellite dish not working properly.

To fix Dstv satellite dish signal problems in this situation, use coaxial cable without any joining. Tightly connect the cable wire and F-connector.

Broken Satellite Dish

As the satellite signals are sent down to earth from satellites in space and later reflected by the the satellite dish antenna through the LNB. However, if any part of the satellite dish damages or rust, the LNB will be unable to receive signal. This will result to signal result to be 0.

Similarly, If the LNB sit or holder is shaking and can’t hold the LNB tightly, it could result to satellite dish not working. So its advisable to tighten or better still get a new LNB holder.

Electrical issues

Electrical problems could result to satellite dish not working, This always happens when there’s wrong connection or spike. Whenever you have an electrical issue at home, contact a technician to fix it.

There are lots of mobile phone operators and Network providers that uses frequencies with the satellite intermediate frequency band (IF). This could reduce the signal strength on your Dstv. The best way to fix this is to get an additional satellite dish if possible, a bigger one. Easy Way To Fix Signal Strength On Dstv Decoder For Optimal Reception

Another cause of Dstv satellite dish signal problem that people don’t know is high gained signal. When the coaxial cable is connected to high gained LNB, you may experience loss of signal in your TV. To correct this error, use a signal attenuator to reduce the signal amplitude.

Finally to maintain high quality signal strength on your Dstv, you should ensure there’s no joint in your coaxial wire. Follow the above guide to fix satellite dish signal problems. Thanks for reading.

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