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How To Fix Signal Strength On Dstv: step by step

How to fix signal strength on DSTV

Indeed, Dstv is one of the best satellite TV in sub Sahara Africa. Multichoice company which is based in South Africa and has its presence in Nigeria, Ghana and lots of other African countries boosts of over 50million subscribers. In this post, am going to discuss in detail how to fix signal strength on DSTV and tips to avoid signal loss when using your dish.

How to Reset DStv & fix Dstv channels not showing

How to find DSTV signal on your TV screen

First, let’s look at how you can find DSTV signal strength and power in your TV. Follow below steps to get your decoder signal strength displayed on your screen.

  1. Click the “Help” button on your DStv remote.
  2. Choose the “General Information”
  3. And then Select “Tuner Status”

After that, your Dstv signal quality will be displayed on your TV screen. Now let’s look at causes of Dstv signal problem for both old and new decoders.

Causes Of Dstv Signal Problem

To the best of my knowledge, DStv signal problem is often caused by bad weather, poor installation, faulty LNB cable, and also decoder settings and thereby resulting to e48-38 error on DStv HD decoder.

There are couple of fixes for DSTV signal problem depending on the cause. So, you will first find out where the problem is coming from. Just like e16 error message that appear on screen when your subscription expires, poor signal also display different errors. So let’s point out error codes you could face when having DStv signal strength problem. Steps To Check Dstv Balance Online, SMS Code & App

Dstv Poor Signal Error Messages

e48-38 error

DStv e48-38 error messages appears when your Dstv dish stops receiving any signal. This responsible for DStv signal strength 0 issues. The major cause for e48-38 error is bad weather, faulty lnb cable also, it could be that the Dish have gone out of alignment.

e48-32 error on DSTV

Dstv No Signal Found Error

This DStv signal strength error shows up when the satellite dish is not receiving optimal sinal required to show all channels. However, channels with low frequency will be shown but channels that needs high bandwidth will be unable to broadcast. This is usually caused by miss-aligned satellite dish and old or faulty lnb cable.

DSTV no signal found error

Dstv Tuner 1 & Tuner 2 No Signal Messages

Tuner 1 & Tuner 2 error messages on DSTV appears when there is an error in connection. The DSTV tuner error messages has nothing to do with the dish alignment or position although bad weather could play a part as it can affect the connection in one way or the other.

The main cause of DSTV Tuner 1 and Tuner 2 error messages is improper connection in the decoder and also old or faulty lnb cable. Frequencies & Positions Of Free To Air Satellite Tv Channels

DSTV tuner error messages

Now that we have seen all error messages you can experience when using DSTV and possible causes, now let’s go straight to how to fix signal strength on DSTV. 

How To Fix Signal Strength On DStv

To fix error e48-38 on DSTV re-align the satellite Dish to get the optimal signal. The cable should be properly connected and replace if faulty. After the adjustment, restart your decoder.

DStv no signal error can be fixed by adjusting your satellite dish to receive highest signal required to broadcast all channels both low and high frequency channels. This can be done be re-positioning the dish and also tightening all loose ends. And re-fixing the LNB cable. Also, try resetting your decoder to see if you can get rid of the poor signal strength message on your DSTV.

Tuner 1 & Tuner 2 error message on DSTV. Tuner errors can be fixed by ensuring proper connection of LNB cables and a replacement if faulty.

Finally, I hope the above step by step guide on how to fix signal strength on DSTV worked for you perfectly. On the other hand, contact a local installer. Hope you enjoyed our DIY guide on how to fix DStv signal problem.

How To Increase Dstv Signal Strength

If you are not experiencing any signal loss but just want to ensure steady quality signal reception, follow this guide to increase DSTV signal strength and be assured of optimal reception.

  1. ensure proper connection of the F-type connectors on the LNB cable and the decoder
  2. ensure that your satellite dish is properly aligned and tighten to the host.
  3. If you notice any cut or wear out in your LNB cable, replace them before it start affecting the signal
  4. Don’t fix your satellite dish where there is an obstruction from the sky. Cut down any tree obstructing it. Also re-position it if there is any building coming up very close to its position.

What to do when there is no signal on DStv

In attempt to solve DStv signal problem, identifying the exact cause of the signal loss. However, You don’t have to be a an installer before following below guide.

So, I will take you through each step of the process step by step.

Inspect the DStv connection cables

If you are having Dstv signal problem, then this should be among the first thing to check. Moreover, you can do on your own. Firstly, check all the DStv cables connected to the back of your decoder. Then, search for any loose DStv cables.

Ensure all cables are tightly connected to the correct ports on the decoder. Remember human activities, pets and wind can pull out your DStv cables connected at the back of your decoder.

If you see any loose cables you should just plug them back onto the DStv decoder. Ensure that you plug in the signal cable on the right port (LNB-in and Unicable-in).

Try Rebooting your decoder

Just like we all know, quick restated of your decoder can solve multiple problems such as scrambled Channels. Dstv keeps searching for signal and other decoder errors which only require a quick restart to work perfectly.

You can reboot your Dstv decoder by continuous pressing of the power button. Before rebooting your decoder, ensure steady power and be ready to patiently wait for some minutes.

Satellite dish maintenance

Constant inspection of Dstv satellite dish is necessary as it will help solve lots of issues even before they arise. Always ensure the well being of the dish and use every method to prevent rust as it will negatively affect the signal strength.

Check if the satellite dish has gone out of alignment. If it has, realign it and tightly fix the bolts, ensure that the bolts on the satellite dish are very tight. A signal detector will be of advantage when re-aligning the dish. Also, check if the f-connectors are connected to the LNB

Final thoughts

May be after trying to fix DStv signal problem, but yet nothing has changed, its time to take the final step which will surely solve the problem. Contacting an installer will be a good option as it will save you the stress of going through this process. However, fixing it your self will be more preferable as it will save cost and time. Thanks for reading.

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