Gotv VS Startimes: Which One is Best Cable TV to Buy in Nigeria?

Gotv vs StarTimes
Cable TV in Nigeria

Its obvious that a lots of similarities and few differences exist between top cable TV in Nigeria. Gotv and Startimes have a lot in common but from this post you will know which one is actually the best for you.

The world has really gone digital and we have switched from terrestrial/analog TV broadcasting to digital broadcasting, this is the reason we now have cable TV companies offering several channels and services.

One of the major cable TV providers in Nigeria is MultiChoice – the owners of DSTV and GOtv. While DSTV is the upper hand that offers premium services containing over 400 TV channels on virtually every category and GOtv being the lower hand with fewer channels, it is however shaded by many people because it’s quit expensive to buy and costly subscription, hence it’s known as “the rich man cable TV”.

So now different homes now get confused on which is cheaper DSTV alternatives between Gotv and Startimes.

Between Gotv and Startimes, which one is better? Which one should you purchase? Which one is cheaper? Between GOtv and StarTimes Which one shows better sports (Football) and which one shows better movies? Continue reading to get answer to these questions.

Cable TV in Nigeria
Cable TV in Nigeria

GOtv VS Startimes: Sports

Both satellite TV networks has done well in sports channels however GOTVs SuperSports channels is considered the best for Premier League lovers as it now shows one LIVE EPL match every Saturday and Sundays. Also Gotv shows one LIVE UEFA Champions League match on tuesdays and also one Europa League match on Thursdays. Although, in the 2018/2019 season, GOtv didn’t broadcast any Europa league match. Also, subscribers on GOtv Plus and Max views LIVE Spanish league (La Liga), Bundesliga and as we all know that GOtv shows African league matches as well as wrestling and other interesting sports.

However, StarTimes shows Italian League (Seria A), Chinese League, French League 1 and Bundesliga to its subscribers. Startimes also broadcasts Chinese boxing, wresting and other sports.

It is noted that GOtv covers some EPL and La Liga LIVE matches while Startimes covers Italian Seria A, Bundesliga and League 1 Matches.

GOtv VS Startimes: Movies

As far as real African movie and Nigeria nollywood movies is concerned, both StarTimes and GOtv delivers. This is as a result of both cable TV providers dedicating channels for African movie series, Nigerian Nollywood movies, Indian movies and so on.

Taking for instance, GOtv have African Magic Epic only for traditional Nollywood dramas, African Magic Family specifically for Nollywood series and dramas, Rok 2 & 3 for latest and hottest Nigerian Nollywood and Ghanaian Ghallywood movies respectively. GOTV also has African Magic Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba in Gotv. Not forgetting Telemundo, Fox movies, MNet Movie Zone, Televista, Star Life, Trybe TV, Zee World, B4U Movies, Sony Max and ONMAX. These are Gotv bouquet and channels for watching different types of movies.

Also on Startimes, you experience wonderful shows, events and movie channels such as AMC movies, Star Movies 1, Iroko TV, Iroko World, Star Series E1, Star Zone, Star Kongfu, Star Dadin Kowa, Star Bollywood TV, Orisun, Iroko Play, E-Stars, AMC series, Farin Wata, Star Chinese, WAP TV, Star Novela and AMC Nigeria. These movie channels are fixed there to entertain you with different types of Nigerian, Ghanaian, Indian and Chinese movies.

But in comparing GOtv and StarTimes, in movies, GOtv is considered to be better because Startimes is known to be repeating movies. Although GOtv repeats but is noting compared to StarTimes.

GOtv VS Startimes: Music

As far as music is concerned, there is no winner between this two cable tv in Nigeria ‘Startimes and GOtv’ because both satellite television comes with top notch music to entertain you 24/7.

These are top music channels on GOtv; MTV Base, Hip TV, MiTV, Sound City and Planet TV. While music channels on Startimes includes Nigezie, Star Music, MTV Base and MiTV.

If you are a music lover, choosing either gotv or startimes as far as music is concerned is not a wrong idea.

Startimes Vs Gotv: News

Even free TV in Nigeria delivers when it comes to local news. But still there is a different between GOtv and StarTimes Startimes has a slight edge over GOtv because it’s affiliated with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). All NTA channels are Free in StarTimes both federal and state stations as well as other local TV stations and TV content in all the states in Nigeria.

Free tv Nigeria
Free tv Nigeria

But when it comes to international news, both GOtv and Startimes are heavily reach in TV content.

For example, GOtv has CNN, BBC, Al jazeera, Arise News, Channels TV, TVC News, NTA News and AIT. While Startimes news channels includes BBC, CCTV News, Channels TV, Fox News, TVC News and AIT.

So here I think Startimes is the best cable TV in Nigeria for local news channels while GOtv is considered to be the best for delivering international news channels.

GOtv VS Startimes: Signal Quality

One problem most cable TV in Nigeria have been  fighting and seems they are winning the fight is signal quality and strength. StarTimes is the best because as it has a wider area coverage. There is hardly any place in Nigeria where you can not use Startimes Decoder even in hilly areas. But GOtv is mostly found in cities, state capitals and other  developing areas.

Startimes VS Gotv: Graphics

Nigerian cable TV’s is know to has quality graphics. GOtv beats Startimes hands down whenever you are talking about graphics even doe StarTimes can use android cast screen to tv with hdmi cable. Almost all the channels shown in GOtv are been broadcasted in High Definition (HD) unlike on Startimes where picture quality is varies.

In summary Gotv is better in graphics and also in audio as it is clean, and digitized.

Startimes VS Gotv: Mobile App

Startimes is the best cable TV in Nigeria when it comes to mobile app features. In fact, the Startimes app can be used to watch your favorite TV programs with your phone or can be watched on tv screen using android cast screen to tv with hdmi cable . But GOtv is yet to develop a standard app to help customers carry out simple operations.

GOtv VS Startimes: Ease Of Subscription

Users can easily subscribe to both gotv and startimes online from the comfort of their homes and also offline with the use of USSD or at the ATM. Meanwhile, the old way of walking into a dealer shop to recharge your subscription is still obtainable for both providers. So in subscription aspect, both Nigeria cable TV have excellent service and average customer care service.

GOtv VS Startimes: Price

StarTimes Decoder price is from N3,500 and N5,000 while GOtv Decoder costs between N6,000 to N7,000 so Startimes is cheaper than Gotv but that depends as some places will require the use of dish for StarTimes and it is sold separate unlike Gotv that comes with the antenna.

Also, StarTimes subscriptions are more cheaper, and also more affordable than gotv, this is because you have options for daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions while on Gotv, you only have monthly subscription which is not too high also.

Both GOtv and Startimes gives you one month free view once you purchase new decoder.

Startimes promo is currently going on  now that gives subscribers who subscribe to its classic bouquet extra month free.

Both GOtv and DStv are good in their own ways. There are many similarities between features and service of Gotv and Startimes.

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