How to fix weak or no signal on your xfinity TV box

If your Xfinity TV displays weak or no signal message on your TV screen, it means the TV is not receiving signal from your TV box. It can be caused by not turning off after use, not appropriately connected to the TV, or setting your TV to the wrong input. 

Also, service outage could be the reason you are not receiving a signal on your TV. Therefore, if you are having weak or no signal, first of all, check if you turn on the Xfinity tv box.

Xfinity weak or no signal

What do you do when your Xfinity tv says no signal on TV?. Here’s an easy guide to kick out no signal on Xfinity TV.

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Causes and fix for Xfinity weak or no signal issues
  • bad weather
  • Service outage
  • Wrong connection
  • Wrong input
  • Cable box issues

Weak or no signal can be fixed if you can identify the cause and apply the below steps to get it working. Therefore, in this post I will discuss different to fix the issue of seeing the Xfinity welcome screen then no signal message.

Check your TV box

First of all, check your Xfinity cable box as it may be turned off or having some difficulty in turning on.

So, if you see no signal on TV, pick up your remote and press the power button to boot your tv box. Once the set-up box powers on your TV will start working immediately and Xfinity no signal message cleared.

Set to the adequate input

Every device connected to your TV is connected to a unique input port on the back or beneath your TV. If there’s a wrong input connection, you might experience no sound on your Xfinity TV or display either. to properly display a picture from the TV box, set it to the input your TV box is connected to.

  1. Turn on both your TV and the TV box. 
  2. Set to the correct INPUT by pressing the input button on your remote.

If your TV input is faulty, it will be unable to read the signal from the TV box. To easily fix this, change the input port you connected to. After that, change the input port on your TV using your remote.

Reset the TV box

Reset your Xfinity TV box to fix weak or no signal problem on your TV box. To reset xfinity TV box;

  1. Turn off the TV box.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  3. Give it a minute and then plug it back to the power outlet.
  4. And wait again for the TV box to reboot.
  5. Turn on your TV box and and check if it’s working now.

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  1. this is the fifth time our cable service has gone out . i know we have a contract with you but feel that we shouldnt be held to it cause of the poor service we have had


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