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Its obvious that Firestick is now a well known and used comprehensive digital media player that enables you to stream any digital content with without stress. How to reset amazon firestick is what every one focus on when the gadget start malfunctioning Like every other electronics, Firestick will function normal but may have some issues of lagging and others.

Amazon fire tv

Amazon fire tv

When ever your fire stick starts malfunctioning, first check your amazon fire stick account setup and if its in order you will need to  reset the Firestick to enable it function very well. applying Firestick reset, one will be able to solve all such problems with without stress. In this article you will get to know the reasons for Firestick reset, amazon firestick account setup, cause for Firestick reset, and how to reset amazon Firestick with no stress.REASONS TO USE DIGITAL ANTENNA FOR TV AT HOME


Firestick also have technical Problems, In some cases, you will find it difficult or impossible to figure out fault developed by your firestick, resetting your Firestick will solve most issues. Some of these faults are mostly caused by Firestick doesn’t recognize your Wifi connection or a particular button of the Firestick remote stops to work, device memory is full, etc. Note that regular resetting of your amazon firestick is not recommended. Firestick reset is mainly seems as difficult process, but howeve, resetting will make your Firestick work like a newly purchased device and you will loose all your data. Note that whatever you purchased on amazon downloaded back without any further purchase.How to fix “No Satellite Signal is Being Received” Error 25, 29 in your sky TV digibox


There are many reasons one will like to perform  Amazon Firestick reset. So been in that situation, then only option you have is to go for the Firestick reset. In this article, reasons for Firestick reset is clearly shown below.

  • If Fire TV stick freezes and resetting it isn’t working, you have to hard reset your Firestick.
  • when you experience constant network issues. Go for the Firestick reset.
  • When starting amazon firestick account setup, or you are trying to update the Amazon Firestick software and Firestick will get stuck on the Amazon software update screen. Go for Firestick reset option.
  • Sometimes, the Firestick do get stuck in the reboot loop and restart repeatedly which will result to your Amazon firestick  resetting itself. To fix this, reset your firestick to discontinue the rebooting process.
  • Shortly after restarting your device, and you observe a blank screen after Amazon logo. Just factory reset your Firestick to fix this issue with ease.
  • At times, you will notice streaming issues, resetting your Firestick will be the best solution to fix the fault.this and above mentioned are reasons to reset your amazon firestick.


Resetting amazon Firestick is a simple process and be performed by following the below methods;

  • Method 1: Reset amazon Firestick via Settings
  • Method 2: Reset amazon Firestick via the Combination of Remote Control Button
  • Method 3: Reset amazon Firestic without Firestick Remote


The first simple way to reset amazon Firestick is to go to Settings and follow the steps in the right order to reset your Firestick.

METHOD 2: You have to navigate through the Menu and then click on the Settings.Firestick Settings “


Amazon fire tv

Amazon fire tv

Resetting your amazon Firestick without making use of Firestick remote is a bit tough than the previous methods. You may have to face this when your remote controller isn’t working properly or not responding. To do this Simply follow the step by step guidelines given below to reset your amazon gadget without the firstick remote. Below listed are the 3 possible ways to reset amazon Firestick without using the remote controller.Top Rated Best Set-Top Boxes; Pay cable TV In UK

By Using USB Mouse: it is possible to  reset Firestick without the remote. to do this you will have to use a simple Bluetooth mouse. For this to go through, you should have already connected your mouse with the Fire TV stick. If you have done so you can easily go to the settings and reset your amazon Firestick with ease.

Fire TV Remote App: It is very simple to operate Firestick TV using the Alexa remote app. You can do so by downloading and installing the app on your mobile phone and use it in place of your firestick physical remote controller.

Using Third-Party App: You can search and select any compatible third-party app which works like the official Firestick app and use it to perform amazon Firestick reset. Do you have issues in installing firestick, click here How To Install Apps on Firestick?

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