Most suitable rf connector for TV antenna installation

Rf connectors

May be you bought a dish or an antenna and now start the installation process, when its time to connect your satellite TV receiver, you get confused on how to connect your antenna or dish to your receiver. Here’s where rf cable connector comes in. Rf connector is an electrical connector used to transmit signal in radio frequency. However, they are used in wide variety of applications range from 0 to 18 GHz and above.

Rf connectors and coxial cable wire transmits signal from the antenna to the receiver. However, Coaxial cable connectors are used to connect cables to other devices. Rf connectors have a male connector called plug and a female connector known as jack. Let’s take a quick look at various rf connector types to choose for TV antenna installation.¬†Easy guide to connect DStv decoder to multiple TVs- extra view

Types Of Rf Connector

  • BNC
  • SMA
  • SMB
  • N-type
  • PL-259
  • SO-239


BNC RF connectors

This is used at low frequency application. It is commonly used to connect satellite TV receiver to dish. Its operating frequency is 0 to 4GHZ. BNC rf connector is used to transmit video signals, amateur radio, timing / clock signals and instrumentation.


SMA connector

SMA connector is best used at UHF and most part of the SHF range. Its operating frequency: 0 to 18 GHz. And it can be used in GSM, CDMA, radio communication boards, RF power amplifiers, RF isolator, power splitters, directional couplers, Wi-Fi antennas and low power UHF communication systems. How To Activate & Reset Dstv Decoder After Subscriotion Payment


SMB rf

this is a very cheap and simple rf connector. Its can be used in Medical equipments, base stations, low power UHF communication systems and radio applications. Its operating frequency is from 0 to 10 GHz.


N-type rf

N-type is average sized RF connectors best for durable applications. It provides a stable performance up to 11 GHz. N-type has a thread locking mechanism which provides strong and reliable connection. Its operating frequency is 0 to 12 GHz and used in RF equipments, base stations and low power and high power UHF communication systems, satellite systems and RADAR systems.


This is a low frequency connector used for low frequency applications such as amateur radio and marine communication systems. Its operating frequency is 200 MHz and below. It is used in timing signal systems and low power HF communication system.


SO-239 is low frequency type of RF connector always used in applications below 100 MHz range. It is commonly used in amateur radio and shortwave radio applications.

After checking going through this, sm sure you will know the best rf connector type to choose for your setup. I recommend the use of BNC rf connector for TV antenna installation as it transmits video signal and also used for low frequency application. It can be used for DStv, gotv and other satellite TVs.

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