How to block Ads when streaming on hulu; ad blockers for hulu

With the Hulu streaming service, you will be able to watch your favorite shows and on-demand movies anytime, anywhere. As a famous streaming service in the United States, it keeps to standard, offering high-quality content to its users. At times, ads will become an impediment. Therefore, we’ll focus on how to set up a Hulu ad blocker to skip ads when streaming on-demand videos.

Seeing too many ads? I’ll bring to your knowledge how to get rid of ads on Hulu for free. However, this is an online streaming service, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see that it has commercials rather sit back and learn how to skip ads using AdBlock for Hulu.

Hulu ad blocker

Using Hulu ad Bloker to skip ads

ad block plus

Adblock Plus is a browser extension which is an ad blocker for HULU. However, it does not filter out ads rather blocks it with a blank screen. An instance of an ad blocker that works on Hulu is the google chrome extension for Android and it does not remove the ads entirely.

This google chrome extension works perfectly to cover ads with black screen. The idea of this hulu ad blocker is to curb the display of some flashy ads that will distract you when streaming. Yet, there are videos that may not play when blocking ads using this browser extension. Therefore, if you run into such movies or videos, temporarily disable plugin. Consequently, ads will show as normal when streaming.

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Booked a is a third party application which blocks ads when streaming. It enables you to block ads using different options when streaming videos on your Android or iPhone. Blokada is a practical way to get rid of Hulu ads on smartphone using apps easily.

Therefore, to get a kick out of the features of Blokada, just download and install the app. Go to the downloaded application and tap Blacklist. On tapping Goodbye ads, all Hulu ads will be blocked immediately. This is a good ad blocker that works on hulu and it’s similar to a block plus. And just like other Ad blocker, it works to an extent.

Enounce my speed

This is a software that simply speeds up ads. It doesn’t block it from showing but fast-forwards it. Using this software, you will easily get rid of Hulu ads in few seconds thereby reducing the duration ads.

Although, this software isn’t free as you will have to pay $29.99 to use it. However, you can give it a try and see how it works by utilizing the 7days free trial. This is one of the recommended ad blocker that works well on hulu. Enounce my speed price is seen to be flexible compared to its features.

Ad blocker that works for hulu

Refreshing page

Refreshing the page will not block ads, it shortens the duration of the ads. It will not only help in reducing the duration of the ad but may prevent further ads from showing. This is a perfect method to remove ads from hulu without installing any plugin or having to pay before use.

Similar, to ‘enough my speed’ but could take longer and can lead to further distraction as you will have to keep refreshing the page whenever ads displays.

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Using two taps to stream one video

Using two taps to stream one video could be the perfect method to remove Hulu ads for you. Although it could be stressful to do this yet, if its what works perfectly for you, here’s how to skip ads when streaming videos on hulu;

In your browser, open two tabs of Hulu and play a particular video in the two tabs. Mute one tab and forward the show to the first ad marker. Go to the other the tab and start streaming. If ads shows up, mute it and switch to the previously muted ad.

Forward it to the point you were interrupted and continue your viewing. Like I mentioned earlier, this could be a bit stressful and might cause you to lose interest in the video. However, if you are comfortable with it, give it a try as it’s another free as blocker that works on Hulu. And you are assured that it will work perfectly.

Using Hulu premium version

Going for Hulu premium is just the perfect way to avoid unnecessary interruption when streaming videos. The hulu premium version will not only stop ads from showing when watching videos on Hulu but also gives you the ability to customize your viewing experience.

Hulu Premium version costs only $11.99 per month. It’s better to go for hulu premium instead of paying for any hulu ad blocker to prevent ads from interrupting your views. With no doubt, premium versions of streaming services are necessary as it will enhance your viewing experience.


In conclusion, after going through the above review of each ad block method, you must have made a selection of those to best suit you. Use the comment section to share your views with is. Thanks for reading.

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