Easy Guide For Starsat Satellite Dish Installation Using Strong Decoder

StarSat satellite dish installation is easy and simple unlike many other pay TV services. I will show you easy StarSat dish installation using the Strong decoder. Using the step by step guide here, you won’t be asking for satellite dish installation cost as you will be able to do it your self.

Strong Decoder is used to track signal from various satellite dish. Therefore, it is utilized to capture TV channels and FTA channels from various satellite antenna. So, I’ll show you easy steps to carryout StarSat satellite dish installation on strong decoder and without the services of a professional.StarSat dish installation

How To Install StarSat Satellite Dish

First, you’ve made available every necessary materials needed for the installation. Also, check the StarSat kit, confirm if the cables, mounting hardwares, dish, mast and others needed are available in the kit. After that its time to choose the position for the installation. What To Do When Tv Says No Signal But Cable Box Is On

Satellite dishes and antenna are usually installed on a roof, at heights, or elevated sides of the compound. Also, installing your satellite StarSat, in mind that the location that works best is where there is no obstruction from the southern sky. Clearing of bushes and cobwebs are necessary to receive maximum signal. Also don’t fix your dish behind a tall building or close to a power line. Easy Guide To Install Ovhd On DStv & other satellite dish

After choosing the best location for the dish, next is to fix the mast, use a plumb to ensure its straight. After that, its time to Mount the StarSat satellite dish on the pole. Ensure that the direction is facing the southern sky, a compass is best for locating the southern sky.Install StarSat using strong decoder

Follow these steps to setup your StarSat satellite dish

  • After coupling the satellite dish and mounted it on a mast or a pole.
  • Connect the dish to the strong decoder using cable and set the Strong decoder transponder frequency to 11940V/27500.
  • Adjust the satellite dish to a 5 degree East direction to allow you track the signal in the frequency.
  • After signal is captured, replace your Strong Decoder with the StarSat Decoder. And put it on, select your country where appropriate and let it scan.
  • After an update and in about 5 minutes, the StarSat decoder would start showing. It will take up to 20 minutes to complete a full software update of the StarSat decoder. Ensure steady power supply so the decoder won’t turn off.

After going through this steps, you must have learnt all steps for StarSat satellite dish installation. Also, keep in mind all rules, most especially, align your satellite dish where their is no obstruction from the southern sky. Also ensure steady power supply as interrupted power supply could cause a damage to the decoder. Thanks for reading.

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