Beginner’s Tips To Get Amazon Flex Blocks Quickly

Amazon flex is a program that allows drivers to work and earn money by delivering blocks. There is no schedule, no boss, no required hours, and you can pick and choose the hours that you want to work. It is not available in all cities in the United States, but if you are lucky enough that it is available in your city, you can apply for jobs and earn extra money working from home. Also, it is available in the UK and the program runs on the same principle as in the USA.

Amazon flex pays $18 to $25 an hour dependent on the area that you live in and the number of hours and blocks delivered.

Amazon flex block grabber

This program allows vehicle owners that meet its requirements to earn money delivering blocks. In exchange for doing deliveries, it pays per block delivered by a driver. The work is perfect for vehicle owners who take the Amazon flex job as a part-time job. The company is highly competitive, so the best way to get amazon flex blocks quickly is to learn as much as possible about their program and how to maximize your earnings.

There are tens of thousands of packages delivered to various neighborhoods every day in the United States by flex drivers. These drivers set their schedules and deliver products from Amazon Prime Now. They receive a cash bonus each week and can make their schedule. If they miss a delivery, they will lose the money they would have earned as Amazon flex pays per block completed by a driver. If you want to sign up for Amazon flex job, below is what you need to know before getting started. TIPS AND TRICKS TO GET SAME DAY DELIVERY ON AMAZON

Who Are Amazon Flex Drivers

Amazon Flex drivers are the people who deliver blocks for Amazon. They use vehicles that have a wider door, allowing the driver to push through more packages in a single trip. This allows Amazon to service customers in areas where it is cheaper to have drivers rather than having to rent trucks and store them and is a way the company takes advantage of people with vans, trucks, and other vehicles.

The program was designed to cut down on delivery times. Instead of the traditional route, where drivers pick up packages at distribution centers and deliver them to customers, the Flex system relies on drivers who work out of their own homes. Amazon says the model can cut down on delivery time by as much as 70%.

Make money delivering packages

To get sign up for the Amazon Flex program, you have to be at least 21 years old and have a car or van with a valid driving license. If you meet the requirements to enroll in the delivery program, you can sign up for and start delivering parcels from Amazon warehouses and pick up from customers who bought something on Amazon. You can also deliver parcels from other Amazon sellers.

The number of blocks available on amazon flex is limited and there is a high demand for it. So you need to accept blocks quickly and be fast in delivering to get more blocks. You can as well join Amazon flex drivers forum on sites where you can find the latest news about the delivery program. You can search for and join forums for tips on;

  1. How to apply
  2. Use the driver’s app
  3. How to avoid rejection
  4. How to get blocks
  5. Tips on how to drive safely
  6. Guidance for making deliveries
  7. How to get payment

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay Drivers Per Block

Amazon Flex drivers can make between $18 and $25 per hour upon completing their blocks. You can get blocks quickly by using Amazon flex grabber or catcher to get more blocks. Bigger vehicles can as well increase your earnings as you will be able to deliver more blocks.

The use of Amazon flex grabber software to get blocks by repeatedly tapping and swiping violates Amazon policy. However, they are the perfect way to get more blocks and increase earnings.

You can get more Amazon flex blocks by increasing your available days and time frame on the flex app. To do this;

  1. Locate the Amazon Flex app on your smartphone
  2. Open a new tab and login into your Amazon Flex account
  3. Review how many blocks are available for you and see the locations of them
  4. Update your available days and time frame to see if this will increase your blocks.

Drivers are always looking for ways to save time and money. Amazon Flex offers drivers reserved blocks to pick up packages at Amazon distribution centers. However, blocks are released depending on the warehouse. Drivers are to keep refreshing the flex app to see when blocks are been released. Also, the use of catcher apps to check for blocks will give increase the chances of getting a block.

Amazon flex job

Block Catcher/grabber apps

With thousands of flex drivers on the road in the US alone, the competition for new jobs is fierce. Drivers are now using Amazon Flex block grabber software to cheat the system, by using automated scripts to connect to the mobile app, and then connecting to the same car in order to pick up a block more often than they should be able to.

There are many flex block grabber apps for both Android and iPhone to assist Flex drivers to get blocks. Some are simple, but others are quite sophisticated. One such app, called Block Hunter, has been installed by more than 10,000 drivers and is the most popular of the apps. The app allows drivers to check their Flex schedule and see when they are available for pick-ups, get notifications, and perform other driver management functions. Other flex catcher software include, flexomam, flexomatic, flex alert, and lots of others. Quick Way To Recover Lost Amazon Gift Card Today

Amazon Flex Waiting List

If you newly signed up for an account and got on the wait list, don’t sit back. Keep checking day by day as Amazon may not notify you if there is a change. Whenever you see an opening, feel out your info and get started. However, most times drivers get on the wait list, simply because your city or vicinity does not need more drivers. So, if Amazon flex does no need drivers in your area, simple signup with a zip code of a hiring area and change location after signup. Moreover, there are certain requirements that you must meet to be eligible for the program.

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