How to find satellite position to aim for Directv & dish network setup

Satellite networks has been a performing way of getting a TV signal through satellite antenna and dish. The satellite dish are offered by various providers and it’s connected to their satellites, receiving high-quality digital signals that offer a variety of channels and movies. However, if you are residing in areas that do not have cable TV network, satellite is your best option.

Also, in areas with adequate cable TV and good Internet connection for streaming services, a satellite dish is still a good option, if not the best. However, for the satellite system to work correctly, the container must be pointed in the direction of the satellite. For DirecTV setup, identifying which DirecTV satellite to aim for and getting the correct coordinates from the receiver is quick and straightforward.

Here, let’s just look at how to find satellite to aim for, for dish network and DirecTV. Below is a detailed guide to find the direction to point a dish satellite on dish network;

How to Find which dish network satellite to aim for

  • Connect your Dish Network receiver to your TV using the coaxial cable wire.
  • Switch on the TV and the receiver.
  • Tap “Menu” then “6-1-1” on your remote to display the “Point Dish” menu.
  • Select “Peak Angles” using the remote control.
  • Choose the type of dish you are using from the pop-up menu.
  • Type in the ZIP code for the area where the dish is mounted. The menu will show the azimuth, elevation, and skew co-ordinates to point your dish. The azimuth angle finds the general direction to point the dish, while elevation and skew will enable you to fine-tune the dish’s aim. These co-ordinates will need a compass with degree markings (360 degrees around the circle). 
  • However, the azimuth number will show you how many degrees away from where you need to aim the dish. The remaining two digits can be configured using the dish itself. This will have bolts you can easily loosen on round paths marked with degree lines. Adjust the dish so that the bolts line up with the number of degrees of tilt (vertical) and skew (horizontal) provided to you by the television menu.
  • Finally, find the azimuth, skew, and elevation numbers for your ZIP code using PDF tables. This will be necessary when you encounter any issue with your receiver’s system. The tables are available on the Dish Network website.

How to find out which DirecTV position to point at

During installation of your DirecTV satellite dish, you will need satellite finder and azimuth calculator to successfully set up your dish. Also, to determine where the satellite is pointing at you and the exact location of the satellite using your zip code. To correctly point your satellite dish, DirecTV provided an online dish pointing tool to aid you in finding the satellite’s location without the azimuth calculator and satellite finder.

  • Launch any web browser on your device and proceed to DirecTV’s dish pointer website. 
  • Type in the zip code of the area where the satellite dish is mounted and search.
  • Tap on the orange button. After that, the dish pointer website will display the elevation and the azimuth of the DirecTV satellite from your area. The elevation refers to the up-and-down positioning of your satellite dish, while the azimuth means the left-to-right positioning of your satellite dish. In the same vein, the DirecTV satellite dish assembly mechanism provides where to adjust the elevation and azimuth. Therefore, setting the assembly mechanism to the correct specifications helps to find the exact satellite location for your DirecTV dish.

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