Best ways to watch Arabic channels in us

If you want to watch Arabic programs in the USA, Canada, checkout this options for watching Arabic channels (also, Arabic channels receiver without dish) in the US. In this post I’m writing about what each provider offers, and the best choice to choose. Do it your self; Your Sky Digital Box Has No Signal

DISH TV is one of the most used satellite TV provider in the US, India and Canada. Their main packages are their English-based programs, however they also have Arabic packages as add-ons.
In dish TV, there are various Arabic package options to select from. There’s the “Arabic: Elite Super” (49 channels), “Arabic: Elite” (19 channels), also “Arabic: Enhanced” (17 channels). You can checkout the Arabic Music package (4 channels) and the Arabic: Iqraa (1 channel)if you fins it interesting. package to your subscription.

Arabic channels

DISH has one disadvantage – before adding Arabic channels to your Dish subscription, you will have to pay for one of their core English or Latino packages first. After that, you can add the Arabic channels to your Dish network subscription. Moreover, these package and add-on come with their own monthly charges, so you’ll be paying extra just to watch shows in Arabic. Also, you should have DISH installed as it’s a satellite TV service not a streaming TV service.

Specifically, DISH is for those who want English/ Latino programming and only wants Arabic channels as a side.
Additionally, DISH is the best option those that like the full TV experience and will want to record their favorite shows with a DVR. Dish Hopper 3 DVR records up to 16 channels at the same time and stores up to 500 hours of HD recordings. STEPS IN SETTING UP SPECTRUM Cable BOX YOURSELF


Sling TV is an internet channels receiver without dish. It’s a streaming TV app. It’s great for subscribers who don’t want commitments as it don’t have contract. They also offer a yearly subscription, if you’d rather pay a one-off.

One advantage of using SLING TV is that you won’t have to pay for installation fees as it’s a streaming service not satellite TV. Also, its compatible with Amazon Fire, Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, Roku, Xbox, and some other smart devices.

When it comes to access to Arabic channels, the difference between DISH TV and Sling TV is that, you will have to subscribe for core dish package first before adding any Arabic channels. While in sling TV, you won’t have to subscribe to their “Sling Orange” or “Sling Blue” packages.

Although, Sling TV provides only one Arabic package, which is the “Arabic Mosaic,” with 120+ channels. Among the channels included are MBC, Shahid, Murr TV, Hona Baghdad, Al Arabiya and others.

Note:Sling TV also has a cloud DVR service which can store 50 hours of recordings.


Xfinity TV provides Arabic programming, but it’s not as extensive as DISH or Sling TV. They offer one channel, which is the ART (Arab Radio and Television Network) channel. It’s an add-on to a regular subscription of Xfinity TV.

However, ART produces over 6,000 live and recorded shows yearly, including family-oriented dramas, series, shows, sports programs, music videos and documentaries. Its also a good option for those who still primarily enjoy English programming, and wants an added Arabic programming to watch sometimes. How To Fix Spectrum Tv No Signal On Channels


This is one the best internet channels receiver without dish. If you are so interested about Arabic programming switch to HSTBox, an IPTV provider. However, subscribers only have to purchase the HSTBox receiver and then pay a subscription for the service. After that, connect the receiver to the TV, which will stream shows the channels from the internet.

However, HSTBox has one of the most channel counts of all the providers. It has not less than 400 channels available in various categories. You can find sport channels such as beIN Sports, MBC Pro Sports, movie channels duch as, Al-Jazeera, Al-Mayadeen and many others. Hence, it has channels for Arabic shows, news, sports, documentaries, and so many more. Importantly, HSTBox also has a built-in DVR feature, which enables users to record shows.


Summarily, there isn’t many options when it comes to watching Arabic channels in the US, Canada. Therefore, I recommend HSTBox to anyone who is looking for best Arabic channels receiver without dish in united States. In spite of having over 400 channels across different Arabic regions, it offers the most bang for few buck.

Although, there are still other options, such as Sling TV. Using Sling TV, you won’tbe needing any equipment, and you can subscribe month-to-month. This is best for those who want a more flexible option.

However, if you’d rather go with a reputable, popular provider, then DISH is a safe bet. While this may be true, the channel count isn’t as high as HSTBox. DISH is one of the major TV providers in the US. In the same vein, the cost will increase in the long run, but you can rely on their customer service if anything goes wrong.

Finally, your choices would depend on your budget and preference. DISH is best for those looking for popular, reputable tv providers, Sling TV is best for a low-commitment arrangement. And lastly, HSTBox offers the most Arabic channels.

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