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Easy Guide To Install Ovhd On DStv & other satellite dish

OpenView HD is a South African free satellite television service. Its packages features over 18 HD channels. OVHD comes with Entertainment channels which includes channels for movies, music, lifestyle, culture, learning and religion. You can install OVHD on DSTV dish and watch free TV without any charges or contract in south Africa.

Getting Openview HD satellite TV service is now easier when you have an already installed satellite dish.

You can install OVHD on DSTV dish, StarTimes, Freevision. use the same dish to receive OpenView HD. As OVHD sits on IS-20 and SES-5 satellites, its can be gotten with any TV Dish easily. How To Fix Signal Strength On Dstv: step by step

To get started, get an OpenView HD decoder for only R499 at Game Stores in South Africa. After that, next is to carefully follow the open view installation guide below to connect your decoder to antenna. Openview installation

How to connect ovhd decoder to your dish:

To connect ovhd decoder to an already installed dish like DStv, Set the cable from the dish to the LNB-IN port and then switch the OpenView HD decoder ON. After that, the decoder will automatically pick up the OpenView HD signal. Easy guide to connect DStv decoder to multiple TVs- extra view

Next is to activate the decoder by following bellow instructions

Existing Top TV dish:
Open view hd installation for existing top TV dish can be done by connecting the cable from the dish to the LNB-IN port. To activate the OVhd decoder, dial  *120*6843*1# on your cellphone and then follow the prompt.

However, if you already have a satellite dish and would like to install and activate your decoder, please follow the following steps:

To connect your decoder to the satellite dish, you will have to connect the LNB cable from your satellite dish to the LNB IN or DISH IN slot located at the back of the decoder. However, we’ll show you how to install OVhd on DSTV dish in this article. These is how to connect your decoder to your TV:

RCA Cable

For RCA cable, connect the cables to the back of your decoder. Ensure its connected according to colors of the ports (red to red, white to white and yellow to yellow).

After that, connect the other end of the cable to your TV matching the TV ports colors. Ensure they are plugged into the ports that are marked INPUT.

And if your TV does not have coloured ports, then plug the cables in accordingly: yellow into VIDEO IN, white into AUDIO IN (L) and red into AUDIO IN (R) – if provided. Solution To Dstv Satellite Dish Signal Problems

AV Mini Jack

When using an AV mini jack cable for OVhd installation, plug the single jack into the back of your decoder. And then, plug the other end of the cable to your TV.

Ensure proper connection into the ports marked INPUT Matching the colours of the connectors to the colour of the decoder ports (red to red, white to white and yellow to yellow).

And If your TV connectors doesn’t have coloured ports, then plug the connectors in accordingly: yellow into VIDEO IN, white into AUDIO IN (L) and red into AUDIO IN (R) – if provided.


If you are using an HDMI cable in open view installation, plug the HDMI into the port on the back of your decoder and then plug the other end into an HDMI port on your television.

Now its time to switch to the relevant HDMI source/input channel on your television.

  • To power your decoder, you will need to connect the power cable to the decoder and connect it to a power source. Your decoder should then switch on and start scanning.
  • After a successful scanning you will see channel 100.
  • Next is to activate free open view decoder.

Install openview on DSTV decoder

How To Install Ovhd On Dstv Dish

Follow these steps to connect your OVhd to DStv:

  • Provide an OpenView HD decoder.
  • Connect the satellite dish cable to the LNB-IN port on your decoder.
  • Turn your OVHD decoder on. The decoder will pick up on the OpenView HD signal.
  • Openview hd full installation guide should be in the decoder’s box which includes how to activate your free entertainment service.

Installing OVHD on DSTV dish is very simple and if you experience any issues with openview HD installation, contact a professional.

How to activate OVhd

After a successful open view HD installation and have completed scanning, next is activation. To activate your OVHD follow these simple steps:

  1. Hit the ‘HELP’ button on your Openview remote control to show the help screen.
  2. Take down your STB number.
  3. Click on the ‘EXIT’ button on your remote control to return to channel 100.
  4. Dial the number provided on the bottom right-hand corner using a cellphone and follow the prompts. Use your STB number to finish your decoder activation.
  5. Your decoder may reboot and update its software during the activation. Wait until the software update is completed.
  6. Once your decoder has been activated, you can use the “p+ and p-”  buttons on your remote control to change channels.
  • It may take up to 5 minutes to view your Openview channels after the decoder has been activated.

I hope you must have understood fully how to install OVhd on Dstv dish and watch free TV anytime without extra charges. Thanks for reading.

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