How to reset GOtv decoder After payment

Reset gotv after payment
Reset gotv after payment

For reason reasons not disclosed, GOtv did not explain on their website how to reset GOtv after payment. As a result of that, a lot of customers are left looking for a means to make their GOtv Decorders come up again. Fortunately, this post is here, and we will detail it step by step how to reset GOtv decoder after making payment.

Subscribers do not have to manually reset GOtv after payment. You only have to pay for your GOtv subscription when your decoder is turned on, and everything will work perfectly. However, one might encounter errors E16 and E30 that will make it necessary to restart your decoder.

E16 errors shows up when your GOtv decoder has been disconnected. E30 error means that your decoder has been switched off or do not have a signal for a long time.

You can fix it in two ways: using your phone or online. Let’s explain each of them in detail. GoTV Nigeria: Subscription, Payment, self service,Customer Care, Channels

Gotv reset
Gotv reset

How to reset GOtv with a phone

If you wish to reset your GOtv decoder with your phone, here is what you will do:

  • Send a ‘Reset *your IUC number*’ to 4688 with your registered number. IUC stands for Identification User Code. It is the unique serial number of your decoder that is located on the bottom panel of your decoder.
  • Alternatively, you can also make use of USSD codes *423# or *288*1# on any mobile phone network to reach out to Customer Care and lay your complaints to Gotv customer care representative.

How to reset GOtv online

Apart from using the ussd or text method, you can easily reset your GOtv decoder online. Follow these step by step guide to do it:

  1. First proceed to and choose Nigeria from the drop down list of countries (if the website could not determine your current location).
  2. After the country selection, tap on Sign in and input your login details. It should either be your last name or your phone number, and also your IUC number.
  3. From the shown options, choose ‘Clear your error’ and tap on the specific error that you are currently experiencing.
  4. Ensure your decoder is switched on and tap on ‘Reset device now’ to reset your decoder.

If the above listed method to reset GOTV after payment do not work for you, you can try this method:

Gotv self service
Gotv self service
  1. Select the Eazy Self Service menu at the top of your TV screen and point out the option that says ‘Fix errors’. You can use the link below to perform this.
  2. While still on the page, fill in your IUC number, choose the type of error you want to clear and enter the captcha code.
  3. Before starting this operation, ensure that the decoder is on and then press Fix error.

I believe that this method should help you resolve your issues with the GOtv decoder.

Decoder errors
Decoder errors

What to do if you cant resolve your issues with the GOtv decoder.

If none of the above stated methods worked, you don’t have to panic or throw away your decoder. You can always reach GOtv customer care, so that they can help you perform the GOtv reset remotely. For you to contact GOTV customer care or to get their contact, go to the company’s Twitter handle or Facebook (@GOtvNg), you can also write an e-mail to [email protected], or call +234 803 904 4688. You will need to make available your GOTV account number/IUC and give to the support staff to have your GOtv decoder reset done.

I think one of these methods on how to reset GOtv decoder after payment will definitely work for you. We hope you enjoyed article and is helpful to you.

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