How to Run Xfinity speed test & boost internet speed

A good Xfinity internet speed is always determined by a stable wifi connection. Running Xfinity Wifi speed test is necessary to check the upload and download speed at a particular time. However, a Slow connection may prevent you from streaming your favorite TV shows and movies from Netflix, prime, hulu and others.

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Although, lots of guides to speed up internet connection are found on various channels, yet, not all work. Several solutions will have you causing more harm than good. Therefore, it’s recommended to carefully go through this guide to speed up Xfinity WIFI and improve connectivity.

Below are a couple of fixes to improve Xfinity speed and stop the slow buffering.


Rebooting your Gateway, modem or router will restore your WIFI performance and enhance conectivity. Constant reboot will enable the device to update its software, and help speed up your internet connection.


The position of your router contributes could be a reason why your Xfinity is not getting full speed. Placing your router or modem where there is no much obstruction between it and your device will probably slow down the connection.

How to fix weak or no signal on your xfinity TV box

Place your device in an open space in the house preferably the sitting room or where you always hang around. So, reposition your modem to have a better experience when using the Internet. However, you can ensure maximum connection speed using an extender or repeater. Also, choosing a high-speed modem for Xfinity internet will improve the signal.

Improve Xfinity internet speed


Direct connection will always provide steady and uninterrupted Internet experience. Stationary devices should be connected via ethernet connection to ensure maximum signal. Devices like desktop, consoles and streaming devices should be connected via the ethernet connection.

High-speed option

When there are several gadgets accessing the WiFi network, you should go for a high-speed modem to improve internet connection. Also, you can visit my account to see level of internet service you are using and upgrade options available.

Get rid of ads

Different websites, blogs and forums serves ads to their viewers. These ads and other websites elements slows down internet connection. You can easily block ads on your chrome browser and other browsers.

However, you can employ the “clear cache” option to reduce the loading time of a web page. Also, set your browser to load medium or low web and image quality.

Re-schedule usage time

If you are using public wifi perhaps in the office, it’s necessary and to figure out when best to access the wifi. This could be when there’s much workload on desk or recess time.

This is to allow a drop in the number of people using the wifi therefore increasing the loading speed. Indeed, this will prevent buffering when streaming your favorite movies or TV shows.

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Contact your internet service provider

Even when their is only one ISP in your location, there’s always numerous plans. You can contact your internet service provider to provide a higher speed plan to suit your needs. Although, an upgrade probably means additional cost. However, you should increase your internet budget to to enhance browsing.

You can do that by contacting your provider and requesting for a higher plan. It’s advisable to do a research to find out cost of available internet plans in your ar contacting your internet provider.

How to improve Xfinity Internet speed

How to Run Xfinity speed test

If you wish to know how accurate is Xfinity speed test, visit the Xfinity xFi Speed Test page to read how it works. While in the page, you will see;

  • what the speed test measures.
  • how coverage and internet speed are related.
  • how your modem or router impact connection.
  • Ways other devices affects internet speed.
  • how other devices affects your internet speed.

After going through the above-mentioned hints, you can proceed with the speed test.

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