How To Download Netflix Movies To Watch Offline

Maybe you are looking for what to watch on Netflix and discover an interesting movie. Suddenly, something came up and you are now left with the option to download the Netflix movies to your computer so you can watch offline. Now, you are here because you want to know how to download Netflix movies to watch offline on mac or another PC. The good news is, you are in the right place.

In this Netflix guide, we’ll explain how offline viewing works and steps to download film to your PC or mobile phone. But first, you may need to know your download limit so as not to download unnecessary shows on Netflix.

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However, not every movie and TV show is available for offline viewing. So to check ready-to-download movies on Netflix, press on the Downloads button on the navigation bar and you will see list of videos and shows ready to be downloaded and watch offline.

How to download movies on Netflix

  • First, open the Netflix app on your device.
  • Go through the list of available movies and shows ready to download.
  • press on the download icon.

After a successful download, you might want to delete it after watching. This is how to do it. To delete a downloaded Netflix movie, click on the pencil icon on the top right. Select any movie you want to delete and tap on the delete icon (trash can icon) located at the top right to delete it from downloaded movies.

Netflix download limit

The Netflix download limit was set for those who wish to download and watch movies and tv shows offline. The aim of the limit is to prevent users from download too many videos at a time. Each user can download up to 100 videos, and on exceeding the Netflix download limit, an error will follow on the next attempt to save a Netflix video to watch offline.

An already downloaded video can be removed anytime depending on the video and agreement reached with the owners. However, you will be notified about video removal 7 days before the expiration date. Likewise, if any downloaded content is removed from the platform, the download expires immediately.

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Common Netflix Download Limit Errors & solutions

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Although this platform isn’t forward to let you know about the download limits and how long a specific Netflix download lasts. The only way to know you’ve exceeded a limit is when you encounters an error when trying to save Netflix shows to watch offline. Here are some possible errors when downloading Netflix movies to watch offline.

  • Exceeded download limit.(Netflix error code:10016-22005)
  • reached the download limit for a particular video. (Error code: 10016-22007)
  • Downloads on many devices (Error code: 10016-23000)

On encountering any of the above errors, you are left with a simple fix to resolve the issues. For the “Exceeded download limit.(Netflix error code:10016-22005)”, delete some downloaded movies and shows. This is because you are only entitled to download a maximum of 100 Netflix movies and tv shows to watch offline. And on exceeding this limit, you will no longer be able to save more videos. So, find out how long each Netflix download lasts to choose appropriate video to delete.

Similarly, when you reach the download limit for a particular video (Error code: 10016-22007), Netflix will prevent you from further downloads of that same video in the future. This rarely happens, but if you found yourself in this situation, you’ll have to wait till the time limit elapses.

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Maybe you took advantage of this website to download tv series on many devices (Error code: 10016-23000), find out how long the Netflix download lasts to know which to delete from an older device so you can start downloading on your new device. Follow the above procedures to delete old videos so you can download Netflix movies to your computer and enjoy amazing movies and TV shows on the streaming platform.

How to watch Netflix offline on Nintendo switch

Although Netflix is yet to be available on Switch but there are still a way to watch Netflix movies and tv series offline on this platform.

First, donwload TunePat Netflix Video Downloader – this is a handy app, used to download Netflix TV series and shows to a computer in a readable MP4 format.

TunePat Netflix Video Downloader
To watch Netflix movies offline on switch;
  • Go to the TunePat video downloader and sign in to your Netflix account. Check the ‘remember me’ box to stay signed in.
  • Tap on the gear icon at the upper right corner to proceed to the setting. There, you can customize the settings to your needs. Use the default settings if you are not familiar with the setup.
  • After that, go to Netflix and copy the video URL and paste it on the switch search bar. The TunePat program will bring out all related videos.
  • To trigger the download, tap on the Download icon and wait for it to complete the downloading. You can view a downloaded file in the library category.
  • After a successful download uploads the video to YouTube. To upload a video to YouTube, visit in a web browser, and directly upload videos to your YouTube account.
  • Now you can stream the Netflix videos on Nintendo switch. To do that, go to the YouTube app on Nintendo Switch and locate the uploaded video.
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Finally, after going through this article you must have learnt how to watch Netflix movies offline by downloading on the app or using the TunePat Netflix Video Downloader & Nintendo switch. Thanks for reading.

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