Detailed Explanation Of All 3 Lights Flashing On Dstv Decoder & fixes

Are you experiencing your DSTV decoder flashing red, orange and green lights and is searching to know the meaning of each light flashing. All 3 lights flashing on DSTV decoder means something, from notifications, messages and error. Also a DSTV signal problems on certain channels could result to blinking of lights in a decoder.

Here, we’ll discuss in detail all 3 lights flashing in DSTV decoder, their meaning and what to do when you experience each. Below is all you need to know about the red, yellow and green lights blinking on DSTV.

here are all 3 lights flashing on dstv decoder

All 3 lights flashing on DSTV decoder

DSTV decoder showing red light

A blinking red light on DSTV remote shows that the decoder is on standby. To get the decoder off standby press the “Reset” and standby button on the front panel of the decoder. Steadily hold it until you see the letters “dL” on the display panel. Immediately, press and HOLD the TV/Audio button and the “P+” button until the word “done” shows up on display panel.  How to fix dstv not scanning & decoder not booting up or working Properly

Also, a red light could mean an error in the decoder. Here are some possible smartcard errors that could result to dstv decoder showing red light and fixes.

Smartcard Errors

Error E04 – this could be as a result of wrong insertion of Smartcard. Bring out the Smartcard, dust it and re-insert. If message re-appears, reboot. And if after rebooting, and the error persists then it could be hardware problem.

Error E05 – this might be that you mistakenly inserted wrong or damaged smart card to the decoder. Ensure you have the right smart card, re-insert it with the chip facing downwards and the arrows pointing towards the decoder.

Error E06 – this is a smartcard Error. Remove the Smartcard allow the decoder to be off for some minutes and then re-insert it back. If message shows up again, reboot. If problem persists of could be that the Smartcard might be damaged and should be tested.
Orange light on DSTV decoder
Error E07 – this means the decoder is checking Smartcard. If the message is still displaying after 30 seconds remove the Smartcard, wait for the error code and then re-insert the Smartcard. If E07 reappears, the decoder/Smartcard might be faulty and should be tested. Easy Guide To Install Ovhd On DStv & other satellite dish

Error E16 – this could be as a result of DSTV signal problems on certain channels or service is currently scrambled. Check for signal loss and also that there are no outstanding payments on your account. Contact DSTV help center.

Error E107 – this error means that the decoder and Smartcard are not paired. It is always experienced in new decoders. You should call the Contact Centre to be sure your account has been created so it can be activated. Easy guide to connect DStv decoder to multiple TVs- extra view

Orange Light On DSTV Decoder

If your dstv decoder keeps flashing orange light, it means that you have a notification. The AMBER light below the envelope icon on the front
of your DStv HD Decoder blinks when there’s a message from Dstv.

To fix orange light on DSTV decoder, click the DSTV button on your remote and navigate right to Help. Under that you will see unread messages from DSTV.

However, Dstv showing yellow (orange, amber) light  could mean that the decoder is downloading software. In this case, you don’t have to do anything. Just wait until its done downloading the software.

How to read unread messages on DSTV decoder

Green lights blinking

Green lights blinks on DSTV decoder when it receives a command from the remote. Among all 3 lights flashing on DSTV decoder, this occurs most as it shows whenever any button is pressed on a functioning remote control. Also, DSTV flashing red orange and green light may be easily fixed by rebooting the decoder.

The green light could also mean the decoder is tuned to an audio or video channel. Although, it rarely happen but DSTV signal problem on certain channels might be cause a strong green light blinking.

Finally, While attempting to fix any error on your decoder, be careful not to cause further damage. In any case you experience all 3 lights flashing on DSTV decoder, contact a professional as this could be a hardware problem. Thanks for reading.

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  1. my decoder does not want to change the colour red I’ve been pressing it manual and remotely but it does not change the red colour.what must I do please help

  2. My decoder is keep on showing me red light and orange light does not show any channel ,even if I press on a reset button nothing is happening,what must I do?

  3. My decoder has been showing the Orange light its now four days its stack and the remote is not working or the reset button on the decoder

  4. My decoder which is the old DStv decoder where you insert smart card,hasn’t been working for the past 3days. The orange light is permanently on and the remote doesn’t help. My TV just shows no signal continuosly. I’ve tried everything even the installation guys. I now need to buy a whole new decoder which isn’t in my budget!!!!!!!!


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