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Top television stations in Nigeria

Nigeria has gone to be one of the leading countries in media market. Its presence in the market is recognized in the world. After the digitalization of television, a lot of channels has been added unlike when its just AIT, CHANNELS and NTA. With no doubt, Nigeria television channels are growing and thus can compete with top foreign channels eg, CNN, AL JAZEERA and BBC. In this post we’ll list top television stations in Nigeria and where they can be found. How to Clear Error Code on GOTV – Error E48-32, E016, E17 and E32

Best Television Stations In Nigeria

1. Channels TV – channel tv has grown to be the number one best TV station in Nigeria in 2020. It is a well known television station in Nigeria it also provides update on other happening across the country. Channel television news is no doubt one of the most reliable news channels in Nigeria.

There are a lot of channel television live programs such as ‘Politics Today’ which is one of the most interesting program done by this digital TV network. Thus it discusses about politics across the globe. To get channels TV on DStv tune in channel 254 and enjoy exciting programmes. Channel TV is on channel 95 in GOtv.

2. TVC – TVCONTINENTAL is second in out list of best television stations in Nigeria. This digital TV network came into existence in 2014 and received license not immediately.  TVC news reports both local and foreign news and happening across the globe. TVC is on DStv channel 418 and GOtv channel 45.

This private digital TV network is based in Lagos and also have a studio in Abuja all in Nigeria. It has a lot of interesting and informative programmes to watch.

Although people complain about TVC news to be bias as some of their broadcast are in favour of the ruling party in the country.

3. African Independent
Television (AIT)-  this is considered to be the first indigenous private owned TV station in Nigeria and also
Is one of the largest commercial television network in
the Nigeria. One unique quality of AIT is that it is a station with a
very conducive environment for media business. AIT  on DSTV at Channel 253 and GOTV at channel 95.

AIT is owned by Chief Raymond Dokpesi a Nigerian business man. The digital TV network has so many interesting programmes which includes; Kakaki, Mimi, and most importantly, up-to-date local news and foreign news,
documentary and sport news. Indeed AlT is among the best TV stations in Nigeria this currently. How Can I Pay Gotv Subscription With Phone

4. Nigeria Television Authority (NTA)
NTA is government owned broadcast station and its African largest TV Network. The focus on Nigerian news,  sports and other national events happening in the country. Its has its branch in all the states in Nigeria broadcast its news jointly. Thus NTA is on GOtv at NTA 2 (GOtv channel 114), NTA Parliament (GOtv channel 115) and NTA News 24 (GOtv channel 46). NTA is on DStv as NTA News 24 (DStv 419) , NTA Parliament (DStv 370), POP Central TV (DStv 189).

5. Galaxy TV – Galaxy Tv is one of the top television stations in Nigeria. Having lots of viewers, this digital TV network host very interesting programmes. Futhermore, They show interesting local movies as well as foreign movies. Galaxy TV is on DSTV Channel 258 and GOTV 99

6. Wazobia TV – this is also one of the best television stations in the country. Wazobia max TV programs are family friendly. This television station owns a popular radio station known as wazobia FM. However Wazobia TV is on GOtv channel 98, Dstv Channel 256 and Startimes 118

What made wazobia TV unique is the use of pidgin English to read news and also discuss national issues and in programs. You can really have fun in this TV station.

7. Silverbird – silverbird is yet another top television station in Nigeria owned by senator Ben Murray Bruce, one of the richest senators in the country. Indeed, they broadcast local, international news, sports news, entertainment, gossip, music shows e.t.c.

Silverbird TV channel is part of the Silverbird group. It shows Nigeria’s beauty pageantry on a yearly basis. Also, Religious programs are shown in this TV channel and also talent hunt. Silverbird is on DStv channel 252, 109 on Startimes, and 92/192 on GOTV.

8. WAP TV – This television channel is owned by Wale Adenuga and that is where the name of the tv station came from “WALE ADENUGA PRODUCTION”.  Of course this channel has lots of interesting series like good morning show, super story, this life, Papa Ajasco and company, Nnenna & friends and lots of other interesting TV shows.

The uniqueness of WAP TV super story  has made it peoples favourite and most Nigerians enjoy watching this program. While Nnenna and friends is an educative program shown on WAP TV to help viewers develop intellectually. WapTV is available on DStv channel 262 and GOtv channel 102.

9. Africa magic – this has most watched TV stations in Nigeria. African magic is focused on movies both local and foreign movies. Also, they promote Nollywood to the world at large. Nigerians find this TV channel fun to watch as its an entertaining TV station. African magic is on DSTv Channel 151 -159 and depends in your region on GOtv.

10.Soundcity –  soundcity is the only music TV network that appeared on our list of top television stations in Nigeria. It is well known for promoting music and artists. They list out trending songs and list them as trending playlists, listing them as the top 10 songs for the week, both foreign and local. Catch Emirates FA Cup LIVE on all DStv packages and GOtv Plus!

However, they are based only in music they don’t broadcast news or any national or international issues that is not related to entertainment . The major competitor is MTV base which is also a very popular TV channel in Nigeria known for music and can be found on DSTV Channel 327 and GoTV Channel 75.

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