How To Install TSTV Dish And Setup

How to install TStv dish in Nigeria

TStv Nigeria is one of the latest digital satellite pay-TV service in Nigeria. It is newly introduced with the name ‘Telcom Satellite Television’ TStv Nigeria. A lot of people are familiar with some popular pay TV services in Nigeria like DStv, MyTV and other satellite TVs in Nigeria that uses Direct-to-Home DTH signal transmission technology. How to activate, subscribe, sign-up, setup and watch Showmax in Nigeria 

DTH simply means that any where you are located, as long as you have access to see the blue sky, you will recieve the TV signal. you can recieve the TV signals directly from the satellite in space.

Just like the DStv, the TStv africa utilizes the satellite dish, decoders and other components similar to the DStv. The only notable difference between the DStv and the TStv is in the satellite and decoder settings which after proper setingst will give you access to the TStv signals. Troubleshooting: How to fix Netflix

In this installation guide on how to install TSTV Dish, i will show you the complete steps to install TStv decoders and also the positioning settings of the satellite dish too. But if you knew how to install the DStv and other satellite TVs, you will comfortably install the TStv dish without any hassle. Basically they all follow the same installation guide as all cable TV in Nigeria have similar technology.

How to install TStv decoder

Guide(parameters to follow To Install TSTV Dish

  • Position: ABS 3A @ 3° West
  • Frequency: 11088
  • Symbol Rate: 30000
  • Polarity: Horizontal (H)
  • LNB Position: 4 ‘O’ Clock
  • Dish Size: 90cm (offset) and above

With the above step by step guide on how to install TStv Dish and setup, am convinced that you won’t find it hard to install TStv decoder and all necessary setups. Step by step how to fix DStv No Signal Problem (E48 Error)

NOTE: “TSTV Africa wishes to inform the general public that the delay in the commencement of the commercial sale of TSTV Africa decoder is as a result of complaints of non-availability of dealer / retailer outlets in some areas and some dealers who are still in the process of accreditation

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