Step By Step How To Mirror iPhone & Android Screen On Pc Wirelessly

The screen mirroring for PC displays your android or iPhone screen to your laptop or computer screen. It is a free app that can mirror android screen on pc wirelessly and makes it available for viewing on your PC. However, there are several ways you can connect your Android phone screen or iPhone to a … Read more

The Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps To Track Activities

The Apple Watch has been on sale and, as you’d expect from Apple, it is a beautifully designed piece of equipment. Its smooth lines and simple user interface are the result of years of research and design, but it is the inside of the Apple Watch that really interests us, since it is here that … Read more

How To Improve Fingerprint Recognition In Work Place

Fingerprint problem solution Fingerprint verification in the workplace is still a coming new time tracking technology, and having your biometric time clock to work seamlessly may need a small manual finagling on your part. Read and follow these few tips on how to improve fingerprint recognition and get the good quality fingerprints you can so … Read more

step by step guide how to fix DStv satellite tv


Step by step how to fix DsTv satellite tv Over the years, Cable television has taken over the stage of home entertainment. Dstv satellite tv have been in existence for decades now and still maintain its quality service to its subscribers. Dstv satellite dish or dstv antenna receives signal and transmits the signal to the … Read more

step by step how to install a wireless security camera

security camera system

steps on how to install a wireless security camera   Download the necessary required app on your phone open an account in case you don’t have any ┬áthe camera should be connected to power supply and wait for it to be ready follow the ‘add camera’ option in the app and follow the prompt If … Read more

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